Video Customer Counter
Accurate Analytics for Your Customer Flow
99% accurate people counting
Optimizes marketing and display
Improves store management and effiency
Easily played without skills
Many Customers Losing

Many Customers Losing

Financial reports never show truth

No Patient Customer
Track Queue
Smarter Customers
Better Service
More Deals by Flow Analysis
Accurate counting data never cheat you
Passenger Flow
Auto people counting for all your stores and entrance hourly, daily, monthly/ yearly
Marketing Evaluation
Compare passenger flow changes after promotion and deal rate, only spend right money
Scence Analytics
Lunch store at right position by real passenger data and demands
Wide Applications

Wide Applications

Power commercial activities silently

Shopping Mall
Attractive Store and Plaza
Regular Customers
Retails Chains
Daily Shopping
Scenic Spot
Public Service
Powerful & Reliable
M2M level quality for high accurate yearly counting in all kinds of business applications
Wide Doors
Goup kits can work for any wide entrance people counting
Cloud server management every stores and entrance online
Chain Store
Plug & Play
Easily placed without extra trainings to save cost and time
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