Over 20,000PCS Running in Cars, Buses and Trucks  
Vehicle Security Cameras
1hour waterproof, 24hours aging, 2years warranty,
vandal proof glass,excellent lens,antifog
How to Choose Camera

We usually list most popular models.Users can choose camera type first, then change chips or lens or color or cables. If you have specifciation requirements, please send us to confirm everything.

1. HousingWaterproof? Bracket? Size Limit?  

2. Chips



AHD 720P/960P/1080P

IPC 720P/960P/1080P

3. LensFisheye Lens, 2.1mm/2.8mm/3.6mm/6mm/8mm
4. CableOSD Menu,other requirements
5. ConnectorAviation Connector?RCA? BNC&DC?
6. Glassstandard glass, vandalproof glass
7. Nightvision

5meters,10meters,20meters or 100meters

Dot lamp or LED lamp(IR cameras)

HID or Laster Lamp(PTZ only)

8. AudioBuilt-in MIC,External MIC

Camera Collections
Small Dome Camera
Hot Dome Camera
Side Camera
IPC Dome
Dome Camera
PTZ Camera
Hot Rearview
Indoor Rearview
WDR Dome Camera
Optional Sensors
CCD/CMOS Cameras
  • 700TVL

  • 800TVL

  • 900TVL

  • Star Level

AHD Cameras
  • 1.0M pixel

  • 1.3M pixel

  • 2.0M pixel

  • Start Level

IP Cameras
  • 1.0Mpixel

  • 1.3Mpixel

  • 2.0Mpixel

  • 4.0Mpixel

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