Millions footfall traffic flood Shenzhen parks and shopping mall

According to statistics, 18 million people stayed in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival this year. Shenzhen, the largest immigrant city in China, ushered in the most lively Spring Festival in history. Under such a background, what is the consumption performance of “staying in Shenzhen for Chinese New Year” during the Spring Festival? The parks in Shenzhen received a total of 7.21 million footfall traffic during the seven day Spring Festival holiday. Among them, 3.07 million footfall traffic visited municipal parks and 4.14 million people visited District parks. Among them, Baoan’s happy harbor ranked first in the trill search list, and the 7 day of Spring Festival holiday approached 800 thousand footfall traffic tiktok. The first day of the new year is 180 thousand.

In addition to visiting parks and major tourist attractions, leisure consumption such as watching movies, playing and dining in shopping malls has also become the choice of many Shenzhen citizens.

Various shopping malls have launched a variety of spring festival activities, which has also become a major motivation for consumers to go out on holidays. For example, Foton Cocopark launched the 8K large screen to broadcast the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve, launched the rooftop night market during the Spring Festival holiday, and many snacks and folk stalls attracted many consumers to stop; Shenzhen Bay Vientiane city launched the Spring Festival version of bar market, and regularly launched sugar painting, clay figurine production, lantern theater and other folk performance activities during the Spring Festival holiday, attracting many family customers.

According to Yitian Holiday Plaza, during the Spring Festival holiday (2.10-2.17), the footfall traffic in the shopping mall increased by 12.6% year-on-year in 2019, and the performance increased by 58.2% year-on-year in 2019 (excluding some main stores and monthly report merchants).

During the Spring Festival holiday, Shenzhen yifangcheng also made a good start, with 1.2 million people visiting the shopping malls in seven days, with a total sales of 126 million yuan. More than 50 merchants ranked first in South China, and more than 100 + merchants ranked first in Shenzhen.

Wanda Business Management Shenzhen company also released the Spring Festival holiday good news. The total footfall traffic of eight stores in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shantou, Meizhou and Huizhou during the Spring Festival holiday reached 3.557 million, with a year-on-year recovery rate of 109%, and the total sales of 260 million yuan, with a year-on-year recovery rate of 108%. Among them, more than 300 brand stores have won the national, provincial and municipal sales champion. On February 17, the footfall traffic of shopping malls reached an all-time high.

In terms of various formats, cinema is the most obvious. After more than half a year’s shutdown in 2020, there was a big outbreak in the 2021 Spring Festival.

According to the statistics of cat’s eye professional edition, as of 0:00 on February 18, the real-time total box office of Spring Festival movies has exceeded 8 billion, far exceeding the box office of the same period in previous years. At the same time, it has set a number of world records, such as the box office of the global single market on a single day and the box office of the global single market on weekends.

Among them, Shenzhen’s box office contribution exceeded 210 million yuan, up 70% year on year in 2019. “The strongest Spring Festival stall in history” is well deserved.
In terms of the performance of a single cinema, Shenzhen Broadway Film Center (IMAX Vientiane world store) ranked first in the box office of Shenzhen’s cinemas. The box office of 7 days (2.11-2.17) during the Spring Festival holiday was nearly 3.2 million yuan, accounting for 1.6% of the city’s total box office, and the highest box office in a single day reached 690000 yuan. CGv studios (IMAX store in yifangcheng) is closely followed, with a total box office of about 2.5 million yuan.

Other cinemas, such as Poly International Cinema (Houhai store), Xintian Cinema (yifangtiandi store), China Film International Cinema (happy song store) and Jinyi Cinema (Bao’an daqianli store), all took more than 2.2 million yuan in seven days during the Spring Festival holiday.

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Chinese Spring Festival Footfall Traffic