Difference between the “motion detection” and “PIR human detection” of smart cameras

For people with old people, children or pets, smart camera has become a very practical household equipment. When choosing products, users will choose different smart cameras according to the specific use way and place. Now most of the smart cameras have alarm function, but when we choose products on the Internet, we will see that some models support “motion detection alarm” and some models support “PIR human body detection alarm”. What is the difference between the two?

Mobile detection alarm

The camera with motion detection and alarm function means that any inconsistency of images within the monitoring range will trigger an alarm, such as wind blowing curtains, darkening indoor light, intrusion of people or animals, etc.

PIR human detection function

PIR human detection function also belongs to the category of mobile detection alarm function, but it is more “smart”. Only when objects with heat source, such as people or animals, enter the monitoring area, the alarm function will be triggered, which effectively reduces the false alarm of the camera and saves energy and power.

In addition, another kind of camera detection function is “mobile intelligent tracking”. The biggest feature of this detection function is that it can track the movement track of people or animals in the monitoring area. In case of the thief sneaking into the house, the camera will not only trigger the mobile phone alarm, but also “chase” the thief, and record the thief’s behavior as “evidence in court” after the incident.