Can ADAS and DMS work together to make roads safer

The technology of driver monitoring system (DMS) seems to have been forgotten for a long time, and now it is quietly back to the safety discussion.

More and more people are aware that DMS can improve vehicle safety, which is also reflected in the requirements of new regulations and vehicle safety rating. The European Parliament has updated the type approval requirements for DMS in its general safety regulations (GSR), while the European new car assessment test (e-ncap) is also completing the draft of DMS test. Two years later than the original plan, the five-star evaluation test will take effect in 2024.

But it’s much more than that.The automotive industry is faced with a grim fact: the longer drivers use automation, the more careless they may be.

In fact, car manufacturers want drivers to rely on their advanced driver assistance (ADAS) safety features. However, the driver’s excessive dependence and misuse is giving birth to another dangerous driving behavior. DMS is one of the possible solutions to solve the harm caused by the co driving of people and vehicles.