Why Only Bus People Counter Can Avoid Ticket Evasion?

Not Smart Turnstiles

Millions of buses have placed bus turnstile to stop bus passenger ticket fraud and ticket evasion. However, it is not safe and can not stop ticket money loss. Drivers can ask passengers to jump it and nobody can notice this truth,even the bus has installed CCTV system. Bus bosses never know how many ticket income flood out of their account before.

passenger jump bus turnstile

Binocular Bus People Counter

Now Reamol bus people counters offer the high accuracy people counting system, which can count entry passenger number, alighted passenger numbers, on board passenger numbers accurately. The bus people counter can placed on the roof above passenger heads. So when two or more passengers run head and head, the bus people counter still can distinguish them with correct numbers. Its accuracy is the most reliable than other technology.

With the powerful aid tool, bus company can easily to learn total ticket sales and comparea to reported ticket numbers from drivers. Reamol bus passenger counter also can export campatible video to the bus existed Mobile DVR system, so you can get remote alert when passengers get on the bus. Users can save 70% time to monitor all buses. And bus company not need to spend more cost on ticket auduit and checking with more employees.

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Smart Bus Information System

Auto & Powerful Data Analysis

Except accurate counting data, we also offer the very easy-usage analysis platform – IPAS 3.0, which can help analysis millions of counting records obvious and simple charts. Without IPAS data analysis, the counting data are useless except to check on board passenger and compare tickets. With hourly, daily, station, line, bus, company view analysis, bus company can understand passenger trend and demand completely and make correct decisions.

Intelligent Dispatching System

our advanced bus passenger counter are designed to improve dispatching efficiency and make smart change according to real passenger transit demands, not by dispatcher experience only. It can help bus company get the best efficiency and ticket income with the lowest running cost.

IPAS smart bus information system

Other Powerful Features

Counters management also need a smart way to save lot of labour cost and time. Different from other counters, we simplify all setup and steps and cut lots of local jobs. For example, we offer fast installation type on hardware, software, platform. So bus company not waste time to installation and loss their ticket income. We allow online collect station data, and update stations and line info. It can save lots of days.

There are also 30s nice features, like live map tracking, live route, live device status, alarm, excel download, remote download all records, fast translation, customized interface, H5 for mobile and PC, free license, low requirement on cloud server, etc.

bus Stations people counting

To elimate this ticket evasion, we should focus on improve passenger numbers and income by better service of bus travel. Reamol smart bus information system will bring bus company a new option to realize intelligent public transit, which based on accurate people counting and passenger traffic analysis.  Reamol bus people counters can recognize bus station by GPS tracking. All people counting records will be with station name and send to IPAS 3.0 platform. In the platform, bus managers can easily understand each station ON/OFF trend for yesterday, last 7days, last 30days, and customized period.  It is the best option to optimize bus dispatching and reduce cost.