Smart Video GPS Tracking Platform

GPS Tracking fleet management platform

CMSV6 Cloud GPS Tracking Management Server CMS V6 is a new wireless-orientate online GPS tracking, fleet management and live video surveillance platform for Mobile DVR and car cameras. CMS V6 owns nice quality and efficiency centralized and distributed hundreds of vehicles video surveillance, audio monitoring, GPS tracking, alarm data and other multimedia information to end-user for real-time remote video surveillance, GPS tracking, video upload and download, vehicle schedule, video and tracks playback, voice intercom and alarm alert. It also supports remote data download and storage, alarm triggering and remote alerts, remote vehicle management, etc. CMSv6 also support special GPS trackers to motorcycles. 

GPS Tracking System –CMS V6 Fleet Management Platform


  • Online Video Surveillance with lowest data plans and require slow speed
  • GPS Tracking and History Tracks

  • Rich alarm alert by video pop-up, audio, sms, email
  • Coverage  most of RFID, sensors, pos, PTZ, intercom kit, passenger counter,etc.
  • Fleet management for all kinds of MDVR, bus, truck , taxi, trains
  • ADAS and DSM fleet safety alarm reporting
  • Powerful terminal apps for PC, android, IOS
  • Auto WIFI Download and online video backup/upload
  • Big-data Interface analysis at dashboard
  • Open API for any platform

Platform Interfaces

Required Hardware

OS Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or above
CPU Quad-core Xeon, 2.8Ghz or above
Network 100Mbs or better
Hard Disk 1TB recommend
GPU No requirement
Database mysql

CMSV6 Software Package

GPS Tracking CMS Server
Fleet management GPS tracking software

CMSV6 Client

CMS Server

IE Web Client

CMS Server

MDVR PC Player

CMS Server