Car Fleet Fatigue Driving Alert System

1 fatigue driving warning system

The driver fatigue driving monitoring system of common equipment is called “fatigue driving prompt system”. It is based on the driver’s physiological image response and consists of ECU and camera modules. It uses the driver’s facial features, eye signals, head mobility to infer the driver’s fatigue state, and gives an alarm and takes corresponding measures. Give the driver and passenger active intelligent security.

2 driver safety warning system

In addition, a part of the fatigue driving monitoring system is called “driver safety warning system,  also as ADAS system”. This ADAS system will be activated when the vehicle enters the straight and flat road which is easy to make the driver relax, the environment which is easy to make the driver distract and doze, and when the vehicle speed exceeds 65 km / H. The driver safety warning system consists of a camera, several sensors and a control unit.

The camera is installed between the windshield and the inside rearview mirror to continuously measure the distance between the car and the lane sign, and monitor the route of the vehicle through the signals sent by the digital camera and the data from the steering wheel movement.

DAC can compare abnormal driving conditions with your normal driving style. Sensors record the movement of the car? The control unit stores the information and calculates whether there is a risk of losing control of the car. If signs of fatigue or distraction are detected in your driving behavior? When the assessment result is high risk, the driver will be alerted by sound signal. In addition, a text message is displayed on the instrument panel to prompt the driver to have a rest with a symbol of a coffee cup.

3 introduction of fatigue identification system

In addition, the fatigue monitoring system of some auto mobile equipment is called “fatigue identification system” (it records the driver’s operation behavior from the beginning of driving) and can judge the driver’s fatigue degree by identifying the changes of driving operation in long-distance travel. It is a typical manifestation of driver’s inattention that the frequency of steering operation becomes lower, accompanied by slight but sudden steering action to keep the driving direction.

According to the frequency of the above actions, and other parameters such as the length of the journey, the use of turn signal, driving time and so on, the system calculates and identifies the driver’s fatigue degree. If the calculation result exceeds a certain value, a coffee cup pattern will flash on the dashboard to prompt the driver to take a rest.

Driver fatigue recognition system takes driver’s attention concentration as an important factor to measure driver’s driving state, in order to improve road safety. In addition, as long as the fatigue identification system is turned on, regardless of whether the system is monitoring or not, the system will remind the driver of the need to rest every four hours.

4 introduction of attention assist system

Other vehicles are equipped with a fatigue monitoring system called attention assist system, which constantly detects the driver’s driving style. There are 71 sensors on the vehicle, which detect the longitudinal and lateral acceleration of the steering wheel and pedal sensors in the speed range of 80-180km / h. The system can sense that the driver is tired and prompt him to have a proper rest after driving.

Bus Driver Fatigue Driving Alert System

Bus Driver Fatigue Driving Alert System