Difference of Smart Camera with PIR Detection

Difference between the "motion detection" and "PIR human detection" of smart cameras For people with old people, children or pets, smart camera has become a very practical household equipment. When choosing [...]

Important Footfall Traffic for shopping mall

Footfall Traffic Analysis in Shopping Mall by iFootfall Analytics Analyzing the data basis that the footfall traffic of shopping malls can bring smart business decision-making to help managers / businesses to [...]

What should we learn from footfall traffic

How to analysis footfall traffic correctly? With the rapid development of economy and the emergence of new retail, the analysis of customers footfall traffic data is becoming more and more important [...]

How footfall analysis help your retails

How Footfall Traffic Analysis Improve your Retail Sales As we know, people counter can offer the best data to analysis retail footfall traffic. But what footfall traffic can help our sales [...]

Why Mall Managers need Footfall analysis

The operation and management of modern shopping malls come with the support of information systems. Video people counter, as a system that has only appeared and developed in recent years, is [...]

How Footfall Analysis Benefit Retails

People counting data with footfall and sales analysis, can help the store to make the right decision to improve the store's stocks, transaction rate, average customer price. How to improve the [...]

Why China Focus Smart Bus Information System

Important Transit Bus Strategy With the rapid development of China's urbanization and the rapid rise of car ownership, China has promoted the development of transit bus city, and the promote the public [...]