People Counting Everywhere

People Counting Everywhere

Enlarge your business from retail stores to buses

One Door Counting Bus
Shopping Mall
Retails and Business
Public Venues
Libraray, Exhibition Hall
All-in-one Binocular Counter

All-in-one Binocular Counter

Top accuracy in the world

New People Counter
The advanced all-in-one people counter adopt dedicated binocular vision technology which is famous on deep machine vision industry, it can bring the most reliable counting accuracy in the real bus.  The 1st rank accuracy make the fasted counting at best counting effect in prime running time for transit bus system.
Unique Features

Unique Features

Smart Choice

Amazing Accuracy
The best reliable solutions for bus and retail stores
Simple connection to 3G Routers like computer
Cheapest Solution
The real cheapest counting device for one door bus
Fast Placement
Easy Installation like a CCTV Camera
Good Changes You Need Now

Good Changes You Need Now


Plug and Play
Reduce 50% installation time and
cost, far from 80% popular mistakes
Cheap Price
Save 35% cost than other solutions
enjoy 1/3 shipment cost
Over 98% accurate counting in Rush
hours and Stations
Best Peak Accuracy
Differences from Other Counters

Differences from Other Counters

Big Changes

High Accuracy:  

The new binocular video people counter can bring the better resolution images from QCIF to CIF with the top level accuracy.

Plug and  Play:

Different from current counter system, new people counting  sensor will work independently without any device for each door.

Counting Lines:

The unit's bi-directional feature can count entering and exiting people at the same time, and reports these numbers separately.

Easy Installation:

One ethernet cable connect to router, or RS-485 connect to MDVR. It makes installation without any mistakes and dengers.

Easy Connection

Easy Connection

Never connect wrong and lose accuracy

4G Industrial Router
3G Mobile DVR
Smart Passenger Flow Reporter

Smart Passenger Flow Reporter

Professional passenger flow analysis

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Inquiry Now

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