1080p camera or 4K camera?

There’s no doubt that 4K camera is very clear. But considering all kinds of conditions, 1080p camera is recommended.

First, you need to know about pixels. Pixel is the basic unit of the screen, pixel, referred to as P, usually the picture resolution of 1920x1080p, called 1080p, Blu ray HD, picture resolution of 1280×720, also known as 720p, HD. four thousand and ninety-six × 2160 pixels are in the 4K range. Pixel high clear has always been the reason for mobile phone digital business promotion, in fact, the reality of live is not so popular.

The second thing to talk about is whether to use 4K camera or 1080p camera? If you use 4K camera, the pixel acquisition is certainly wide, but there are also many troubles. For example, the occupied capacity is too large, and the video may take up 1 g of space in a few minutes. 1080p also takes up a lot, but it is almost half less. Speaking of this, there must be some friends who want to say that they use compression software to convert the output format. Yes, some professional productions of movies and TV series do this.

However, the current live broadcast software of various platforms simply can not accommodate such a large capacity. Especially in recent years, the operation of major video platforms is almost at a loss. Of course, this has something to do with copyright, but it directly weakens the technical cost of each platform. Almost all of them compress the original video in the process of uploading. How much does it cost to put such a large video on the server if it is not compressed. Some platform video upload up definition is a big change, you say you use a 4K camera recorded video upload is not clear 720p, you angry?

After practice, we found that 1080p is a high configuration for the current live video platform. No matter how high the platform is.