Smart Bus information system

The smart bus travel information system, usually as Next bus service or realtime bus service now,  is designed to provide travelers with accurate and timely information on the choice of transportation mode and route before or during the trip, whether at home, office, traffic control center, bus station, or on the bus. these messages. Combined with the automatic vehicle positioning system, the travel information system can also provide real-time information of the public transportation system, such as vehicle arrival time, departure time, and delay time. Travelers can obtain and use this information through different media.

Before trip public transportation information system

The pre-trip bus information system is an effective way to improve the reliability of public transportation. Provide passengers with accurate and timely information before they travel so that passengers can make decisions based on this information and choose travel routes and travel time.

The smart bus information before the trip covers a wide range, including various information such as bus routes, maps, schedules, fares, the location of park and interchange stations, important locations passing by, and weather conditions. This information can provide information on the entire travel process of multiple modes of transportation that may be included between any two places, and help determine travel plans.

Reamol IPAS 3.0 can offer a simple Next Bus service for passengers and bus fleet operators. We also can offer bus occupancy rate information to balance the carriage load in busy time.