All our bus passenger counter must work with door sensors, otherwise it will keep counting but never send out any data to your device or server.

When bus passenger counter running in the real bus, door sensor will help to judge station status. When bus arrive station, the people counter will start counting at once. And when bus door is closed, none of passengers will be counted, even these passengers stand under the cameras. In most of cities, passengers like to stand under the cameras when the bus is closed to their destination station. Without door sensor, there must be lots of wrong counting data.

In office test, or complexed door sensor environment, you can use our test-only-sensor to work with video passenger counter. This is the door sensor connection exaples.

Default sensor type is High/Low signal.But different buses have different types, so you must check the door sensor signals before your test.

You can connect bus console switch of the door, or external door sensors to connect IO IN1/IN2. External door sensor also need to connect 5V DC.