Where is  the best postion for bus passenger counter ?

The installation position should be center above the bus door. Different models & buses also have different requierment on  height and width. Hereby we only take as the most popular model BPC-N1 and the standard city bus without stairs as demo.

BPC-N1 the latest advanced bus passenger counting system is designed for transit bus fleets to obtain real-time and accurate passenger quantity information. It can work in group for 1-250doors like IPC with 3G/4G GPS router.

Customer must share us with required installation information about the target vehicle before you make order or demo.Otherwise you may lose the accuracy or the project. The below illustration image will amke you understand the best position of cameras.

The counting cameras should be placed above the stair. And keep its counting field within pass-by entrance only, so that nobody can be missed to count.

Notice the placement height, suitable height range will promise the best accuracy, for special cases, users can adjust the camera type in BPC client to make a better effect.

Standard Camera Position

Best Position of Counting Lines for Different Buses

Passengers going on and off can cause a high degree of change in people, which will result in statistical inaccuracy for the passenger counters that relies on the characteristics of the collector’s head. Therefore, we should try to avoid the bad effects caused by the steps.

One steps Bus : the best state. In general, large city buses and new buses are low – chassis buses without steps. In this case, the height of the installed passenger counter of the two technical lines is consistent. So as long as it is ensured, two technical lines do not go beyond the top and bottom of the door.

  1. Ordinary steps bus: double deck bus, long-distance bus, tour bus, small bus.
  2. Multi-step bus is rather complex. In principle, the two technical lines should be placed on the same level, but the technical line can not coincide with any edge of the Taiwan machine, which will reduce the accuracy. Under special circumstances, the technical line can be placed on two different steps, but we must ensure that the lowest height is also within the effective height.Unless special circumstances, it is not recommended that the user put the technical line outside the car.
  3. Spiral steps: a spiral step can cause a count line to work. Try to avoid this kind of step position.

Very special steps, very irregular steps, the users try to avoid these steps and draw the technical lines outside the irregular steps. In addition to the area of the door, the user has other areas to choose from. For example, long distance buses can be painted on the front door corridor and so on. In special cases, two technical lines can be merged into one.

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