What is 4K Security Camera?

4K security camera system is a new standard of CCTV system. Everyone likes high quality images, and that’s what these new technology cameras offer.

These Ultra HD security cameras, also known as 4K security cameras, provide crystal clear live images and shots. The image is relatively clearer, smoother and covers more areas (wide viewing angle).

4K Security Camera

What is 4K security camera system?

4K security camera is another term for 8 megapixel camera (2160p). There are various names used to describe 4K cameras, such as 8mp security camera system, 2160p security camera, 4K Ultra HD security camera, and even Ultra HD CCTV camera system.

4K security system is a monitoring system that uses advanced 4K security cameras to capture high-quality images. 4K system provides four times the resolution of 1080p HD security system.