What is a PIR Sensor?

The PIR sensor detects a person walking about 10 meters from the sensor. PIR sensor is widely used in security cameras, LED lamp, lift and other device, especial PIR camera. This is an average because the actual detection range is between 5 and 12 meters. PIR is basically composed of a pyroelectric sensor, which can detect the level of infrared radiation. For many important projects or projects, it is necessary to find out when an individual leaves or enters the area. PIR sensors are incredible, they are flat control and minimal effort, have a wide lens range and are easy to interface with.

Most PIR sensors have a 3-pin connection on the side or bottom. One pin will be grounded, the other will be the signal, and the last pin will be the power supply. The power supply is usually up to 5 volts. Sometimes a larger module does not have a direct output, but only operates a relay, in which case there is a grounding, power supply and two switch associations. The interface between PIR and microcontroller is very simple.

8 application fields of PIR sensor
All outdoor lights
Elevator lobby
PIR Camera
Multi apartment complex
Common staircase
Basement or covered car park
Shopping Mall
For garden lamp

Five Features
Equipped with PIR, motion detection.
Low noise, high sensitivity dual element sensor.
Supply voltage – 5V.
The delay time is adjustable.
Standard TTL output.