Blind spots affect drivers of all car brands and models. However, with the right blind spot method, you can limit the risk of accidents and collisions, any time a car enters your blind spot.

What is blind spot?

A blind spot is an area around your car that you cannot see next to or behind you in your side or rear-view mirror.
When a car goes into one of your blind spots, you may not know it’s there. So if you decide to change lanes, slow down or stop, you are in danger of an accident or collision.

The biggest blind spot 
Your biggest blind spot is usually on both sides of the car, near the rear of the car. However, there are other blind spots that can put you in danger of an accident or collision.

For example, if there are various objects near the rear windshield of your car, these objects will hinder your vision and cause blind spots. If you’re driving, passengers in the front and back of your car can also inadvertently create blind spots.

How to check blind spots
In order to check your safety belt around your car, or your friends, you can drive around. Look in the side mirrors as your friends or family walk around your car. When you can no longer see this person, it is that he or she has entered a blind spot.