The image of car camera recordings will depend on where you put it in your car. Car cameras are typically designed to be installed in one of three locations: the dashboard, over the rear-view mirror, or on the windshield.

  • Dashboard cameras sit on top of the dashboard in the center of the windshield. Dashboard cameras are the most discreet, and they most closely mirror the perspective of the driver. With a dashboard camera, you don’t have to sacrifice any of your visibility, and you can rely on recordings that capture the driver’s perspective.
  • Over-the-rear-view-mirror cameras typically attach to the back of your car’s rear-view mirror and include a snap-on replacement mirror that sits on top of the original. The replacement rear-view mirrors included with these models are wider than normal, resulting in improved visibility and safety. Replacement rear-view mirrors also include built-in screens. You can use the mirror to see what’s behind you and see the camera’s view of what’s happening in front of you – all at the same time.
  • Suction-mount cameras are suspended from the windshield with suction cups. These cameras can be placed just about anywhere on the windshield, making them a bit more flexible than other models. As temperatures change, however, some suction mounts have been known to disconnect. If you live in a relatively stable climate, or if you need a car camera that you can easily move between cars, a suction-mount model might be right for you.