ACC Connect Engine Ignition Switch

Different from other counters in the world, Watchdog bus passenger counter require ACC connection to our counter. Many people wonder why others not have such requirement. Because this is our gold experience during thousands of units in the world.

1. Get Trip Records:

Counter will reset counting numbers in display to 0 after engine stop. It is a very useful feature to help you can get counting numbers for every trip. Not only a lasting numbers.With it, you can realize workable and user-friendly on board passenger numbers.This numbers also can be shown in LCD monitor or Bus TV, or realtime bus APP.

2. Stop Mistake Accusmate Accumulation

Bus environment is different from others. Counting object always bring mistake or wrong counts everyday. If we keep continueing counting it, people counter will make more and more mistakes on the sum data. When you find the result, you will feel hard to correct it. In normal case, our IPAS 2.0 support remote correction for counters if we find the error.

3. Counting Protection for Run-out Battery

ACC can allow counters stop working to save power, otherwise it will keep working 7*24 and burn bus battery. It will be a big complaint for customers. Without ACC control, like most of bus system, when driver stop engine arrived the destiation station, it will not counting and loss lots of passengers numbers. Even during counting, its accuracy is 100%, but it stops working at the most important time. The real result is still poor accuracy.