The operation and management of modern shopping malls come with the support of information systems. Video people counter, as a system that has only appeared and developed in recent years, is obviously not as high as the above system in terms of application and recognition. There are big necessity and importance of people counting system for mall business management.

Technics of People Counters
At present, there are three ways to realize footfall counters: infrared people counter, video people counter and laser scanning people counter. Infrared radiation solution principle is simple, cheap, but its application will be affected by the use of the environment with large error rate.  Laser scanning people counter is advanced, accurate counting, strong anti-interference ability, but its high cost affects its wide application; video footfall camera is an application based on computer video acquisition and analysis. Moving target recognition and tracking analysis is its core technology. This technology has the advantages of mature platform, strong continuity, moderate cost, relatively wide application environment and high recognition rate. It is the most widely used solution for malls at present.

1. Management level of Footfall Counter and Analysis

The footfall counter of large commercial plaza is generally applied in the following levels: Store level, floor (area) level, and Mall (Company) level.

Store people counting: Store footfall data is the smallest target unit of system construction. By installing the people counter at the entrance of the tenant store, the footfall analysis system will automatically count footfall traffic data in and out of the tenant store, and upload the data to cloud center in real time. Through the analysis and statistics of the footfall data, each brand tenant can have a more detailed control over the contribution and operation of the shopping center, and provide effective data support for the brand combination and format adjustment.

Floor (area) footfall: install passenger flow statistics probe in the channel between each floor or area, so as to master the passenger flow distribution law of each area (business type) in different periods of time, the passenger flow contribution of each floor or area (gather passenger force), as well as the flow law of customers in each area and the relationship of mutual influence.

Mall (Company) Footfall: all channels and entrances and exits of mall are installed with footfall camera to obtain the visitor traffic in and out data. In order to grasp the footfall traffic status of each channel, the changing trend and experience of the company footfall traffic of the square can also be held through summary analysis.

2. Application of Footfall Analysis

In practical management, retail footfall traffic is an important data for managers to understand the market, understand customer preferences, grasp the operation status and grasp the direction of operation adjustment. In the past, due to the limitation of people counting measures, this footfall data is difficult to obtain accurately and meticulously. The application of passenger flow statistical system undoubtedly provides a sharp tool for managers. Through the people counting system, managers can clearly grasp:

(1) Visiting traffic and trend:

It includes the rules and trends of footfall analysis of the general commercial plaza, floor area, various formats and tenants, so as to further understand the consumption habits, consumption grades, brand preferences and other information of local customers.

(2) What kind of activity has more obvious effect on footfall increasing

Through the comparative analysis of passenger flow data before and after the activity, we can make a more intuitive and objective and accurate evaluation of the effect of business activities.

(3) Distribution of hot and cold areas in shopping malls

The visits level per unit store of each area reflects the ability of this area to attract customers footfall, which will provide an important basis for the operation and adjustment of the square.

(4) The contribution of each tenant to the square’s footfall analysis

Through the comparative ranking of the unit area passenger flow data of each brand tenant, managers can clearly understand the contribution of each tenant to the square passenger flow, and understand the brand’s local market recognition.

With the above information, managers have a more targeted view in the actual operation and management work, such as brand portfolio adjustment, event planning and organization, market forecast, etc.

Deep Customer Insight Analysis

In addition, ifootfall analytics platform combined with other information systems of the Plaza mall, such as POS, CRM, rentage management system, parking system, managers can more in-depth quantitative analysis of customers’ purchasing habits and preferences, provide customers with better service, and then promote the steady improvement of business performance and the overall brand value of the market.

Unlike other shopping malls in the industry, which only people counting traffic of shopping malls, we pay more attention to the footfall analysis of the tenants in shopping malls , so as to comprehensively collect and analyze the dynamic and trend of the footfall of various shopping malls and tenants in shopping malls.

Our video people counter system construction, in the scale and the degree of refinement of data statistics are more than the industry counter parts. With the continuous improvement of the visitor counter system, it will provide more scientific data support for the business type planning, brand positioning, planning and investment promotion, rent management and other work of shopping malls, and provide a strong basis for the work of decision makers, and ensure the improvement of the operation and management level and core competitiveness of shopping malls.

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