Footfall Traffic Analysis in Shopping Mall by iFootfall Analytics

Analyzing the data basis that the footfall traffic of shopping malls can bring smart business decision-making to help managers / businesses to analysis footfall traffic &customer insight through Reamol people counter .It is relatively difficult for businesses to analyze the data of passenger flow , so they need to analyze each point from multiple angles, so as to grasp the accurate trend of footfall traffic, plan business layout, products, etc., and improve profits.

Comparison of visitor traffic and deals:

use the footfall people counter to count the number of visitors in the shopping mall 24 hours a day, and then analyze the daily trading proportion through the footfall analysis and the specific trading proportion of the day.

Length of customer stay:

analyze the customer’s stay time in the store, and analyze the popularity of the store through the length of time.

Floor Footfall Traffic:

analyze the passenger flow of each floor, and find out which floor has the most footfall traffic and which products and brands attract more customers.

Shop patronage:

the patronage of customers in each shop can be judged by analyzing their staying time. Generally, customers who stay for a long time tend to buy products and are willing to buy, which can increase sales virtually.

Footfall Traffic Analysis-iFootfall Analytics