Serious Troubles
These troubles bus, truck, taxi managers met and concern everyday, financial lose and poor business fame
Decreasing Income
New economic and transit tools fast and fiercely hurt your tradditional business, income reduce rapidly
Property Damage
Oil theft, ticket fraud, big waste and bad reputation on service, accidents and terriable driving behaviors
Rasing oil price and employee welfare, expensive vehicle depreciation and purchasing cost
Reject changes on management  to meet new and higher demands from customers
Raising Cost
Outdate Management
New Bus Transit

New Bus Transit

Running followed passenger demands

Analysis Passenger Flow
Accurately cunting, Realtime tracking, Smartly showing, power your live dispatchment by real passenger trip demands.
Powerful Vehicle CCTV

Powerful Vehicle CCTV

Quickly build a modern fleet management

Control Everything
Live video surveillance, GPS tracking, alarm alert, mobile view. Not enough!
Now you can see everything your fleets easily with our system,everywhere, anytime.
Quality Products
Improve people travell safety and life quality with high standards
Smart MDVR
Protect your trucks, buses, taxis property from criminals
People Counter
Stop ticket fraud and low occupacy rate everyday
Car Cameras
See and believe, record all details with sharp eyes
Nice Support

Nice Support

What make Watchdog different

High Quality
Fast Delivery          
Project Protection
Live Support
VIP Price
Our Partners
Our excellent Passenger Counter and Mobile DVR have served hundreds of customers in the world since 2012
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