Great Dificits Trouble Bus Directors

Why nearly all bus companies are meeting serious financial crisis recent years?
High Empty Occupancy
Too many welfarism lines and stations for diserted areas without enough passengers. Slow and late bus service attract less and less passengers than BRT, Metro
High Oil Prices
Average 35% the international oil price increased last 2 years. Buses running cost keep double rising fast with big losss
Low Government Susidies
Bad economic drive government reduce allowance everywhere. Bus companies can not get any money from government but have to keep very low ticket cost.
Amazed Free Tickets
Millions US dollars will be lost for eld man,  children, student, soliders and others every city yearly. Politicians only care to attract votes.
Serious  Future
Fierce Competition from Metro,Ubert and other modern tools
Rail Transit
Fast, on schedule, no traffic jam. The Metro, light rail, high speed rail become the priority of travel.  50% -75% passengers choose rail system in the city instead of bus transit
Ehailing Platform
The popular Ubert and other e-hailing car service attract high spares of travel flows to replace taxi and bus services.
Green Transit
More bikes and electric bikes are encouraged by government and NGO. Passengers also enjoy a daily healthy transit now.
Lose or Change

Lose or Change

Win the future by a good consideration

Strikes & Depression
Vicious Cycle from reduced ticket income, more bus driver and worker strikes and worse economic and no subsidies & advertisement income
Better Service with High Income
Optimize route and stations, reduce oil and bus waste, keep high occupancy all the time, better & comfortable customization service
Workable Solution
Making buses running by passenger flow demands, not by died time schedule. Now it is possible to realized by our bus passenger counter.
Reduce Waste
Cut all extra cost on ticket checker and stop empty
running bus trips
Prevent ticket income
loss by drivers and ticket
Protect Ticket
Saved Buses will win higher profits for commerical customers
with value-added services
Government glad to offer few
subsidies and see a jam-free
New Income
Authority Support
Benefits by Our Passenger Counter
Suprise more than imagine
Bus Passenger Counter
Professional designed for buses
Reliable Quality and Performance
Real High Counting Accuracy
Rich Useful Informations
If you feel sad about the old bus world too, let us change the bus world togather
Bus Passenger Flow Analysis Platform
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