Passenger Counter Overview
Rapidly Increase Your Bus Occupancy Rate with Smart Dispatchment
Not just Protect Your Tickets
* Recommand 3G and GPS functions for live tracking, control and analytics.
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Bus Passenger Counting System is designed for transit bus fleets to obtain realtime and accuracte passenger quantity information. It includes: Bus Passenger Counter, Binocular Cameras and the specialized software--IPAS( Intelligent Passenger Analysis System).

Different from others' store solutions which often fail to work normally in special bus environment, our bus passenger counter adopt the most accurate 3D binocular solution to meet bus fleet directors' demands on real accuracy (> 97%). The hardware choose "first rank" design and chips, so the system can run normally for 7*24, high vibration, EMC , unstable current and wireless network.

IPAS reporter can provide customers with accurate station identification, real-time traffic, summary reports and others. Accurate records with specific arrival time, specific vehicle, empty rate and so on . More professional data is to evaluate  benefiital of stops location, bus interval, vehicle cost  and personnel management.

Lens and Height
BPC Client
Lens and Height
이전 페이지
다음 페이지
BPC Client
이전 페이지
다음 페이지
이전 페이지
다음 페이지
Professional Bus People Counting Solution
M2M Chips
  • Hislicon Chips

  • Reliable Performance

  • Low Temperature

  • Linux

Power Protection
  • 9-36V DC

  • UPS Protection

  • 10A Fuse

  • 3W Consumption

Anti Vibration
  • Integrated Design

  • 3 axis High Shock

  • Records in ROM

Industrial Modules
  • Fast 3G module

  • Car GPS Module

  • Stable transmission

  • Remote Control

Harsh Weather
  • Hot 70℃/158℉

  • Cold -40℃/-40℉

  • 7*24

  • CE

  • FCC

  • Temperature

  • Vibration

Hundreds of Improvements for Bus
  • High-quality, low failure rate

  • 3G transmission and  control

  • Integrated seismic structure

  • All-weather  operation

  • Stable and Accurate GPS signal

  • Enhanced camera structure

  • Others

  • Versatility Lens for bus

  • Delay Shut Storage

  • SD card Backup

  • PC software configuration

  • Hardware Reset device

  • Remote management and control

  • Easy-use IPAS software

  • Others

  • Best depth visual algorithms

  • Keeping Algorithm optimization

  • Exclude non-counted ojbects

  • Group & bi-way counting

  • Support short door bus

  • Learn by itself

  • Others

Hot Integrations to Other System
  • Live Video Evidence

  • Rich Alarm

  • GPS Tracking Platform

  • Save Cost on 3G

BPC to GPS Tracker
  • RS-232/485 Communicate

  • Cheap Solution

  • Online GPS Tracking

  • Customized Features

  • One Software,One Server

BPC to Bus POS
  • RS-232/485 Communicate

  • Online Ticket checkin

  • 100% accuracy

  • Block Meter Rate

  • City Union Card System

Flexiable Installation

Flexiable Installation

Better placement in the bus project

Fast Installation
Simplified connection design and bracket placement of our binocular cameras, will improve your installation speed and reduce lost of labour cost.
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