People counting data with footfall and sales analysis, can help the store to make the right decision to improve the store’s stocks, transaction rate, average customer price. How to improve the performance of stores, what kind of activities to do, when to do them, and what products to participate in the activities? Without footfall analysis, retail managers’ decision will depending on feel and luck.

How to use ifootfall analytics platform?

1. People Counter Visits Traffic
Through the video people counter, we can count the changes in the number of customers entering the store daily, any time, different weather during store operation and campaign.

Managers need observe and analysis:

  • What type of customers entering the store (men, women, children, the elder?)
  • Why customer footfall increaseor decrease during this period?
  • How many customers has been brought to us due to new adjustment?
  • What effect the change ?
  • These new adjustment can improve sales and marketing performance ?
  • With accurate footfall data and pos data,  managers easily find out these answers.

In addition, according to the people counting result outside the store(pass-by visits) and the number of people entering the store(entry visits), we can learn the entry rate, scientifically adjust and optimize the store decoration and display.

2. Turnover rate mentioned the number of stores.

With reliable people counting footfall data and POS data, we can analyze the turnover rate of stores in different periods. For a single store, we can analyze the turnover rate of different shopping guides on duty, which becomes the basis for the selection and appointment of personnel. For chain stores, we can analyze the turnover rate of different stores and different cities, making important judgments for the adjustment of stores, personnel training and subsequent site selection.

3.Average Payment Price

The latest RK3399 video people counter system also has face recognition function, which can judge whether it is a regular customer or a new customer, and which goods the regular customer has bought before. It can make targeted recommendation to improve the unit price and the joint rate, which is especially good for chain stores.

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