Watchdog Electronics lunched with car cctv system over 7years. We provide the rich whole car cctv system for truck ,taxi, bus, ship, trains with our Mobile DVR, car camera, car monitor, platform and other car cctv acessories. Most of car cctv system run stablely over 4-5years. Save your energy, choose the good quality.

Car CCTV - Mobile DVR
Mobile DVR
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Car CCTV - Car Camera
Car Camera
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Video People Counter

Binocular Stereo 3D video people counter is a technology that based on the observation of the same object from two different positions. Our stereo video people counter can generate the position offset in the two images to get the 3D geometric body head and shoulder information of the environment and the objects. The 3D detection is more accurate and has better adaptability, which can be less affected in dark environment.

Reamol binocular video people counters can detect head and shoulder to count every people more accurately than most of other technologies, but keep 2/3 cost than other brands people counter. Reamol people counter adapt M2M level chips solution and quality can offer stable performance in any city in the world. Except quality hardware with 7years experience, we also provide free platform software to take full value of counting data. Bus passenger counter also support 960H signal for car cctv system, especially for most popular mobile dvr.

Passenger Counter Product
Bus Passenger Counters
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People counter
Retail People Counters
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Advanced Driver Assistance System

Reamol passive Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS)will alert the driver of a potentially dangerous situation in order to the driver can take correct action to prevent accident. For example, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alerts the driver of unintended/unindicated lane departure; Forward Collision Warning (FCW) indicates that under the current dynamics relative to the vehicle ahead, a collision is imminent. The driver then needs to brake in order to avoid the collision.

Reamol always focus onto safe driving system by high technology. AI technology can improve taxi or logitics or mailing fleet safety easily and fast. Our ADAS and DMS kits price is very attractive but performance keep the high level in real projects. The system will help fleet managers prevent drivers from accidents risk and loss. We also can offer platform to monitor driving status online. ADAS and DMS kits also support car cctv features as part of car cctv system to realize live video surveillance and online alarm for accidents.

Car CCTV - ADAS camera


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Car cctv -DMS camera


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Face Recognition System

Reamol ant-spoofing face recognition system use the high quality AI chips solution to promise a fast visitor identification to stop unauthorized passengers into your important area. Our face recognition system can be place at entrance turnstile, so everyone must be checked and varified to be safe one.

We also offer body temperature measuing face recognition terminals so fever visitors will be alerted and help them to check health in the hospital. It will stop risk of COVID-19 and flu.

ADAS camera

Face Recognition

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DMS camera

Termal Camera

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Reamol Product

Reamol offer the top quality bus passenger counter, retail people counter, footfall analytics platform, bus dispatching platform, mobile dvr, car camera, vehicle cctv, ahd camera, and adas system

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