Safe Driving ADAS System

H2 Cutting-edge ADAS system integrate withe automotive grade adas hardware based on leading environment perception, utilize cameras to perceive your driving environment, including vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, traffic signs, free space, driver status, etc,providing basis for path planning, decision and vehicle control. The smart adas system within a AI box, two connected cameras will realize the advanced driver assistance systems and driver monitoring system.

The AI box system integrates with ADAS, DSM, CCTV, 4G and GPS tracking, TF video storage and others. The ADAS box kits also support CMS V6 platform.

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AI Box
ADAS Camera

As the most important part of the AI box, the front road view ADAS camera can alert the driver in advance before the collision, effectively preventing and alleviating the fatal traffic danger; the driver camera (DSM camera) analyzes the fatigue state and the distracted state in real-time by recognizing facial expression features and promptly alerts the driver. The core technology of AI BOX comes from independent research and development, with an international level of visual recognition algorithm engine, which is accurate and reliable..

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ADAS Features

Driver Monitoring System

DSM camera is the key sensor to prevent dengerous driving to stop accidents as the part of AI box. DSM camera could detect the drivers’ head, face, eyelid movement in real-time, and will issue warnings after detecting distraction or drowsiness during driving. Warning images and videos will be uploaded to cloud management platform for remote supervision and risk assessment.

  • IR AHD Nightvision Camera

  • Powerful AI Algorithm

  • Built-in Camera modules with ADAS

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DMS Features

Risk Evaluation CMS Platform

The ADAS and DSM system can transmit alert records and images to CMS server in cloud servers.Warning information will be uploaded to the cloud management platform in real-time, providing data basis for driving risk evaluation, and delicate fleet management.

Except video and gps monitoring, the CMS V6 also offer other hundreds of nice features for vehicle CCTV functions.

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CMS Platfrom Features
  • Live GPS Tracking in Map
  • Online video surveillance

  • Live video alert when dangerous driving happen

  • Reports for fleet dangerous driving records

  • Driver behavior and safety analytics

  • Realtime safety monitoring panel

  • Rich info for bus/truck/taxi fleet management

  • 10 years experience

  • Max 10,000 devices online

Easy Placement
ADAS-DSM installatioin