ADAS System

H2 advanced driver-assistance systems aim to drastically reduce road accidents and the associated casualties by helping drivers avoid collisions altogether. These systems react faster than any human, are constantly vigilant, and are already being adopted and deployed across various car segments, from premium to economy models.  H2 ADAS system are electronic adas systems that assist drivers in driving and parking functions. Through a safe human-machine interface, ADAS increase car and road safety. ADAS system can use automated technology, such as sensors and cameras, to detect nearby obstacles or driver errors, and respond accordingly. As part of h2 ai box, adas camera also support video recording as CCTV camera.

Useful ADAS System

ADAS cameras is the most important feature of AI Box. The camera can be placed at windshield glass to monitor front vehicle and body. It will alert drivers timely especially driver not focus on driving.

ADAS camera


  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • Speed Limit Indication
  • Virtual Bumper
  • Front Vehicle Departure Warning

When the vehicle departs from current lane without turn signal on, the adas system will issue visual and audible warnings indicating that the driver has moved out of current lane.

The adas system can distinguish active lane change from unintentional lane departure; LDW functions when the vehicle speed is over 50km/h by default; Lane icons will appear on the display unit when LDW is triggered;

When the adas system detects an immiment collision danger with vehicles ahead (in case of sudden brake or cut in), it will issue visual and audible alerts.

  • Audible warnings will be issued up to 2.7 seconds in advance by default;
  • Vehicle icons will appear on the display unit when FCW is triggered;
The adas system detects vehicles ahead during driving, and when the vehicle fails to keep headway and is too close to vehicles ahead, it will issue visual and audible alert.

  • The system can distinguish vehicle ahead in the same lane from vehicles in the oncoming lane.
  • HWM functions when the vehicle speed is over 40km/h by default;
  • Collision time and vehicle icons will appear on the display unit when HWM is triggered;

The adas system detects the pedestrians during driving, and it will issue warnings in advance after detecting potential pedestrian collision dangers.

  • PCW functions when the vehicle speed is among 0-60Km/h by default;
  • Pedestrian icons will appear on the display unit when PCW is triggered;


Adas system size

AI Box Kits

ADAS camera and DMS cameras are parts built-in AI Box, users can enjoy DMS and ADAS and Mobile DVR features at the same time after placed with Reamol AI Box kits.

AI Box

AI Box integrated with ADAS, DMS , CCTV, 4G, GPS and online fleet management platform togather. One kits can reduce lots of installation time and cost for your bus, truck ,taxi fleet management economically

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DMS Camera

The driver monitoring system mainly realizes the functions of driver identification, driver fatigue monitoring and dangerous driving behavior monitoring.

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