Smart & Safe Driving

Rapid upgrading AI technolgoy smartly aid your fleet drivers

driving with safety easily


AI Dash Camera Kits

All important AI driving functions, like adas, dms, cctv, 4g, gps tracking, live video sruveilance are integrated into the small kits. Make all cars running smartly with safety and happiness

Rich Functions

Compact small size device includes rich functions, AI technology bring amazing safety


ADAS technology tested by Thousands of vehicles promise a reliable accident alert to protect your daily driving without unhappy accidents


HD cameras for drivign monitoring system to varify driver identification by face recognition and prevent dengerous driving


All cameras can be recorded safely in local SD cards, alarm videos can be sent out to cloud platform automatically


Focus on alarm videos to your fleet, save 95% time on important footage. To reduce accident loss and keep all your people under safe .

GPS Tracking

Support local history tracks in map and live map tracking and smart alarms before your vehicles out of your controlled areas


Download important recording videos by WIFI with your mobile phone. Users can connect 4G hotspot for online surveillance with mobile phone