Driver Monitoring System

DMS Driver Monitoring System

DMS(driver monitoring system)adopt AHD 720P  high resolution camera to obtain clear images to monitor driver attentiveness. Our DMS can detect the drivers’ head, face, drowsiness , eyelid movement in real-time, and will issue warnings after detecting distraction or drowsiness during driving. The vehicle obtains information, such as facial motion, steering movement, driving habits, turn signal use, and diving velocity, to determine if the driver’s activities correspond with drowsy driving. If drowsy driving is suspected, our driver monitoring system will typically sound off a loud alert and may vibrate the driver’s seat.  Warning images and videos will be uploaded to cloud management platform for remote supervision and risk assessment by its AI Box.

DMS Quality

High Dynamic Range

  • AHD 1.3MP
  • CMOS 5.5μm, 1/2 inch, high sensitivity
  • WDR, maximum dynamic range up to 80dB;
  • F1.6 3.0MP Lens

Highlight Compensation

  • Highlight compensation for driving scenarios with highlight, backlight, or car headlight at night
  • IR lamp compensation

DMS Features

DMS functions


DMS AI Box Kits

DMS camera and ADAS cameras are parts built-in AI Box, users can enjoy DMS and ADAS and Mobile DVR features at the same time.


Advanced Driving Assistant Systemis a system to assist the driver to drive a car. ADAS can increase vehicle safety and road safety. Adas assist drivers to drive more safely, comfortably, efficiently and

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AI Box

AI Box integrated with ADAS, DMS , CCTV, 4G, GPS and online fleet management platform togather. One kits can reduce lots of installation time and cost for your bus, truck ,taxi fleet management economically

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