Powerful Face Recognition System

Powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can offer an new easy-management face recognition security. Users can allow these credited passengers pass freely without any ID card, or use finger print any more to stop touching virus each other. And un-registered visitors will be blocked out of your buildings to waiting for more checking.

High accurate face recognition system for access control will protect our communities and buidling far away from theft, robbery, burglary and other vandal attacks, also improve VIP service and protection with optimised services.

Face recognition with thermal camera
Face recognition Camera

Face Detection with Thermal Measuring

Every entrance over the world need to detect fever patients as soon as possible. It is the most simple (not best and top accurate) solution to stop COVID-19 transmission in the mass. Reamol offer IR sensor and Thermal sensor face recognition camera solutions to help building managers to find these infected individual and record them with picture and temperatures.

With high-precision infrared and thermal temperature detection and perfectly integrates faces, ID cards, the face recognition system with temperature detection can be widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services, and management projects place.

Rapid Body Thermal Imaging Camera

HD thermal imaging cameras with special face recognition technology can help to monitor massive passengers body temperature rapidly after face detection in bus and train station, airport, shopping mall, government halls and other busy traffic entrances.

Thermal camera can not judge COVID-19 inflected or not, but it can help control inflection risk in any public area and transit buses, ships and planes. If the temperature of face is above average temperature,usually over 37.2℃ then this individual may be selected for additional screening. Identifying individuals with EBT, who should then be further screened with virus-specific diagnostic tests, can help reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.

Face recognition with thermal camera

Body Thermographic Cameras

Reamol offer rich models for different levels of fever detection demands

IR face recognition screening

IR Face Recognition

Cost-effective popular choice but keep within 50cm distance

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Face Recognition Thermal Camera

Thermal Face Recognition

Rapidly detect and pass, visitors keep within 1.3m

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Face Recognition Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

Fast detection for massive passengers in busy station within 5m

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