Body Thermal Camera System

AI thermal camera also is powered by AI face recognition features, so the system can correctly aim to the head skin temperature within seconds. The thermal camera is important for airport, station, park, malls and other busy visitor traffic areas to find out possible COVID-19 infected people.

After fever people is detected and alerted, doctor and medical workers need to make professional medical diagnosis by Nucleic acid amplification testing. As a best option to manager thousands strange visitor everyday, the system release companies and organizations far from slow and dengerous manual checking by thermal scanner gun.

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Ai thermal camera

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Feature Overview

The professional body temperature measuring thermal camera systems generally have been shown to accurately measure someone’s surface skin temperature without touch them. As US FDA recommend, “thermal camera systems offer certain benefits in that other methods need a closer proximity or contact to measure temperature by thermal imaging technology (for example, non-contact infrared thermometers or oral thermometers).”

1.Non-contact full range human body temperature measurement: Uncooled full real-time, high sensitivity thermal imaging, remote non-contact temperature measurement of human body surface temperature.

2. High frame rate of thermal camera: Frame rate up to 15Hz, close to real-time imaging through naked eye observation.

3. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5℃ without blackbody, and ± 0.3℃ with a blackbody.

4. Temperature range: The system temperature measurement range is 32-50 ℃.

5. Multi target automatic thermal scanner: the system provides real-time dynamic thermal image, which can realize multi-target automatic measurement, fast and accurate.

6. Automatic correction: It’s an intelligent temperature measurement system, which can realize automatic correction of body surface temperature.

7. HD face detection: 2MP IP camera sensor is used to collect HD face image.

8. Automatic face matching: Visible face photo and infrared face image automatic matching, convenient for eye recognition and tracing.

9. Real time record: Real time record of passing personnel and body temperature, and do automatic warning of suspected fever personnel.

10. Blackbody correction: Thermal camera can be configured with a blackbody, can do high-precision correction automatically, completely eliminating temperature drift. The equipment can work stably and reliably for a long time despite interference from ambient temperature etc.

11. Face retrieval: Thermal camera can be connected to the superior platform to realize face retrieval from face database and capture database, get the moving track of persons, especially the activity track of suspected fever persons, and locate quickly

12.Statistics: It can be connected to the superior platform to get global control of the data of passers-by, traffic and personnel with abnormal temperature, as well as do macro analysis and display.

13.Algorithm: It can be deployed with independent intellectual property rights dynamic face recognition deep learning algorithm to achieve dynamic, high-speed, multi face detection, capture and recognition, and realize fine management of personnels.

Main Parameters

  • 2.0MP HD face camera sensor
  • 160*120 Termal Sensor (output 384*288)
  • Fever Detection: 150-500cm,
  • Detect Range: 32 ℃ – 50 ℃
  • Pixel spacing: 17um
  • Frame rate:15fps
  • Speed: 150~200 people every minute
  • NETD: ≤60mK (F/1,300K, 50Hz)
  • Europ temperature sensor
  • Accuracy: ±0.3℃with block body, Response:5ms
  • Support TV/Monitor display drectly without computer


Thermal Imaging Camera
Resolution 2MP
Lens 6mm
Sensor CMOS
Illuminating 0.01Lux(Color)-0.001Lux(White & Black)
SNR >56dB
Power 5V Input
Thermal Sensor
Sensor Type Uncooled infrared array sensor
Resolution 160*120 output(384*288)
Pixel pitch 17um
Working band 8~14 um
Detector NETD ≤60mK (F/1,300K, 50Hz)
Frame Rate 15 Hz
Temperature Data Output Full Image Temperature Output
Range 20℃~50℃
Field of view 40° × 30°
Detection Capacity 150~200people / minute
Black body
Effective radiation area 20mm*30mm
Area Emissivity 0.96 ±0.02
Temperature (Environment+5°C)~(50°C)
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Tolerance Better ±0.1°C
Heating time <2minutes
SOC Broadcom BCM2711
CPU 64bit 1.5GHz ,Quad cores(28nm)
GPU Broadcom VIdeoCore VI@500Hz
Bluetooth 5.0
USB USB2.0*2, USB3.0*2
HDMI Micro HDMI*2, support4K 60Hz
Power Type C( 5V, 3A)
Network Wifi 802.11AC,

Ethernet 1000Mbs

Media H.265(4Kp60 decode);

H.264(1080p60 decode,1080p30 encode);

OpenGl es,3.0 graphics);

Temperature 0℃~40℃
Interface RJ45、USB
Environment Indoor or outdoor
Placement Bracket
Size 230mmx142.6mmx88.5mm
Net Weight 2Kg