Bus Passenger Counter

REAMOL video bus passenger counter is our professional device to count bus passengers entry, left and aboard traffic under a high accuracy in the complexed buses environment. It adopts 3D binocular visual people counting technology to detect passby heads and shoulders in day and night, indoor and outdoor. The accurate people counting result can help avoid drivers ticket fraud and unhappy income loss.

Bus passenger counter can remove most of possible mistakes from driver, passengers, buses, lighiting and other actors, and offer the reliable enough data to bus fleet operators, so they can easily understand how to optimize the fleet dispatching to reduce waste and cost. This system also can prevent ticket fraud loss by driver and passengers completely.

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Bus Passenger Counter in CCTV

Professional Passenger Counter

Not all people counter can work well in the bus. As a auto electronic device, our speical bus passenger counter can operate stable with 9-36V changing battery voltage. And bus passenger counter sensor ACC ignition signal can clear all mistake counting results timely and offer delay counting if drivers turn off bus engine but many passengers still entering and leaving the bus board when bus arrive stations.

Watchdog focus bus passenger counters over 7 years. Our binocullar bus passenger counter system can keep 95-98% accuracy in lighting-changing buses. There are hundreds of improvements from other video people counters for shopping malls.

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Benifitials by Passenger Counter

  • Prevent ticket fraud loss automatically

  • Optimize bus dispatching smartly
  • Online fleet tracking by GPS and passenger counting traffic

  • Reduce waste on empty running
  • Easily get government subsides

  • Improve reide-bus service experience and charmming

  • Keep green city and blue sky

bus passenger counter working
Passenger Counter Integrations

BPC+4G Router

Bus Passenger Counter


  1. Group Kits for 1-5Doors
  2. IPAS paltform
  3. Working for existed MDVR
  4. Simple configuration & Universal devices
  5. One model for all types of buses



  1. Video recording + People Counting
  2. CMS V6
  3. Ugragde 1080P MDVR
  4. Online video checking accuracy
Unique Features

Short Entrance

Unique binocular bus passenger counter design to detect very short door and irregular movement of mini bus,support flexiable installation for most of buses

All Types of Bus

Prevent damages from heavy vibration, temperature and human hits, washing water and others for any type of BRT/Mini Bus/School Bus/Coach doors and staris

Changing Stations

Connected with GPS tracking, support flexiable station bus people counting records, bus fleet boss can track their buses and vans in the map if the coach not run in the fixed routes

Door Keep Open

Smart door sensor control with timely station records upload make all data in order, or controlled by speed. It also kill lots of repeated mistake counting records

Passenger Counter Models