3D Bus Visitor Counter

BPC-N1 the latest advanced bus visitor counter system is designed for transit bus fleets to obtain real-time and accurate visitor quantity information.The visitor counter can offer better accuracy and better installation for buses to help bus company stop ticket fraud. The bus visitor counter also can work in group for 1-250doors like IPC with 3G/4G GPS router.

The advanced vistor counter not need to remember visitor counting camera parameter id, and easy to replace each other. One unit of visitor counter can work for any bus door in the world, from short mini bus, city bus, coach, school bus to BRT and stations. With IPAS 3.0 platform visitor data analysis, bus company directors can easily learn hot station and cold station any hour any day. Then they can optimize their bus routes to reduce cost and increase load rate.

Bus visitor counter
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3D Bus People Counter

  • Super Accuracy people counting in rushing hours
  • Working independently without other device
  • Easy placement
  • Support 12V POE
  • Waterproof design
  • Support 4G GPS router
  • Plug and play design
  • RS-485 for 254 doors max,
  • Simple integration for GPS tracker, Mobile DVR,DTU
  • 1 year warranty

System Illustration

Easy extend 1-4 doors people counters for buses

bus people counter for one door bus

Visitor Counter+4G Router

Bus vistor counter with DTU

Visitor Counter+4G DTU

Features Visitor Counter

Standalone bus visitor counter camera
  • Hislicon Dual cores DSP
  • High accuracy (vans:90%+, bus: 98%+)
  • 270° bracket for any position
  • Cheap solutions for one door vehicles
  • Binocular recognition for bus
  • Counting station, lines by GPS
  • CE, FCC certificated
  • 30days ROM backup and health checking
  • 9-36V DC, 5A fuse
  • IP67 waterproof design
Model: BPC-N1 Bus Visitor Counter
OS: Linux
Direction: IN/OUT Bi-direction people counter
Algorithm: 3D Binocular Visual Technology
CPU: Dual Core CPU, ARMV7, 700Mhz
Lens: 2.8mm default, 4.0mm for children detection
Resolution: 704*576
Illumination: 0.001Lux
Frame Rate: 15fps
Detection Range: Height: 1.85-2.25m, Width:0.7-1.2m
Children Filter: Tall <1.2m
Filter: Children, cart, bag, hat, pat, hair and glasses
Network: 1pcs RJ-45
Power: 9-36V DC
Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃
Size/Weight: 195*55*60mm/0.45Kg
IO Input 2PCS for door sensor
RS485 1pair
ACC Power delay and reset counting result
Video Output 1CH Round 4PIN aviation connector for MDVR


Bus visitor counter

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