Bus Passenger Information System

The Smart bus information system can ensure the efficient management of daily operations, scientific decision-making analysis of planning and scheduling, and provide high-quality information consulting services to the public.

IPAS is a smart bus information platform software based on accurate passenger traffic data, gps location data, routing data, map tracking data and other bus live running data. The smart bus information system will bring accurately quantify dispatching, optimize passenger management, reduce operation costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. Real-time bus system and load status query and historical data analysis provided by managers of public transportation companies, can help decision makers in formulating transportation development policies and plans.

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Benifits by Smart Bus Passenger Information System

GPS Tracking

GPS location data can improve bus service by increasing schedule adherence and enabling agencies to easily monitor bus driver performance. With GPS data, IPAS 3.0 smart bus information system will help to reduce response time to operational problems by improving communication between bus drivers and dispatchers. So dispatchers can monitor thousands of bus with easy fleet management platform. And passengers will enjoy a better bus transit systems because they can access real-time bus arrival information. Our bus information system also can improve fleet dispatching to shorten the passenger waiting time and increase ticket sales.

Bus Passenger Counting System

The Automatic Passenger Counting (APC, renamed as bus passenger counter) system is an effective way to automatically collect data on the time and location of passengers getting on and off. Reamol bus passenger counter adopt the most reliable and cost-effective binocular video technology for accurate people counting. The people counting data can be used in the real-time and post-management work of the bus system, such as: assisting in making reasonable departure plans, real-time passenger information systems, nationwide bus operation data statistical reports, dispatch planning, station planning, fleet management plans, etc.

Traffic signal priority system

The traffic signal priority control system turns the traffic signal (in advance) into a green light when the bus passes the intersection, so that the vehicle can pass the intersection faster. This technology has long been used for signal priority control in ambulances. In the bus priority technology, giving priority to buses or rail transit at signalized intersections can ensure the punctuality of its dispatch operation.

Bus travel information system

The bus travel information system is designed to provide travelers with accurate and timely information on the choice of transportation mode and route before or during the trip, Combined with the bus gps positioning system, the travel information system can also provide real-time information of the public bus transportation system, such as bus arrival time, departure time, and delay time, load rate. Travelers can obtain and use this information through different media.

Powerful Bus Information System

Dedicated for international bus fleet management and dispatching on passenger flow analysis and travel demands, to create a better life

Easy for any languages with your own words

Automatically recognize station by GPS

Remote sync all data and authurized access

H5 Pages
Support PC and mobile phone and iPad browsing anytiime &anywhere

Live Data
Except the history record anlaysis, live bus tracking with station position and passenger data

Smartly register devices and bus and stations into system, remote debug to save lots of days


Safe Priority

Protect system data wealth

  1. Password Lock:
    3times wrong password, the account will be locked 1hour.
  2. Database Backup:
    Support backup database via tool
  3. Authorizationl:
    Pages, functions under authorized users.
  4. Remote Upload:
    Upload all records backup in the people counter, and in the SD cards

Online Fleet Dispatching

IPAS 3.0 offer powerful live smart bus fleet management interfaces to monitor their running online.

  1. Live Map Tracking
  2. Live Station Tracking
  3. Live Passenger Traffic and Occupancy
  4. Vehicle Alarm Tracking
  5. Live Vehicle, Passenger, Running Status

Auto Data Collection

IPAS 3.0 offer smart bus passenger counting data collection and analysis without any operation

  1. Hourly /Daily/Weekly Bus Passenger Flow Analysis
  2. Stop/Route/Line Passenger flow analysis
  3. Data upload resume

20+ Grid & Chart

IPAS 3.0 will show bus managers with passenger counting records and passenger flow traffic by hourly, daily, monthly, yearly.

  1. Original Counting Records
  2. Company Passenger Traffic
  3. Line Passenger Traffic
  4. Station Passenger Traffic
  5. Daily Passenger Traffic
  6. Hourly Passenger Traffic
  7. Monthly Passenger Traffic
  8. Yearly Passenger Traffic
  9. Alarm Record
  10. Alarm Analysis

Control devices remotely and smartly.

Users will save amazing days to maintain our people counter.

  1. Smart Register Bus:
  2. Remote Collect Station GPS Data
  3. Remote Upgrade Firmware:
  4. Remote Configure Devices:
  5. Sync All Record:
  6. Update Stations Files:
  7. Shift Bus into New Lines

Control devices remotely and smartly.

Users will save amazing days to maintain our people counter.

  1. Smart Register Bus:
  2. Remote Collect Station GPS Data
  3. Remote Upgrade Firmware:
  4. Remote Configure Devices:
  5. Sync All Record:
  6. Update Stations Files:
  7. Shift Bus into New Lines


Deploy Any Cloud Server
CPU Dual core, i5 or above, 2.8GHz
OS Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
Data Backup Automatically
Upgrade Offline
Time Record use device time, DST
Data Delivery TCP-IP
User Levels 3 levels: Administrator, Company User, User
Database mysql