T3 Video People Counter

3d people counter wifi counter sensorReamol T3 video people counter sensor is the dedicated 3D stereo people counter to optimise sales and service efficiently. From retail chains to shopping malls, from airports to parks, from buses and ships, all of our video people counters offer a comprehensive people counting solutions to help drive your business growth faster and faster.

VPC-T3 video people counter includes head motion track detection, binocular people counting, deepth image technology and http protocols, which can provide the satisfied enough people counting accuracy for any massive environment.

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AI People Counter

AI retail people counter system is a high accuracy equipment based on Head Motion Detection and Tracking & Pedestrian Detection technology. It can monitor all pass-by passengers and vehicles from 4 different directions. The ai people counter can easily show chains managers the possible customers mass and deals level. Then they can make wise decision for the new store position.

Chains managers can make smart choice with real footfall and possible demands and improve marketing effectiveness and return rate.

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Reamol AI Camera AI People Counter
Customer insight software
Customer Insight Software

Reamol iFootfall Analytics platform is web-based control panel designed for stores and chains customers who need to analysis their customers and visitors traffic and tend. It collects visiting data from all our people counters in every chain store to the Cloud server, or collect all people counting sensors from every entrance in shopping mall , smart buildings. Then retail managers can carry out deep analytics easily. iFootfall platform also support multi-language, responsive design, customized and easy learning.

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People Counter Features
Staff Exclusion
Exclude the counting of staff from the visitor count for more reliable data.

Large Area Counting
Cascade the live view of multiple people counters to cover an enlarged area.

LED Lighiting
LED lamp help counter to count correctlyin the dark outdoor parks and areas
Hybrid Counting
4areas, 3different directions in and out counting independly
Easy Installation
Easy mounting with only one cable is
required to power and transmit data.

Privacy Guaranteed
Preserves the anonymity of visitors so
no individuals may be identified.

Occupancy People Counter

Live Occupancy Counter

In order to prevent the rapid and large-scale spread of the COVID-19, all governments force a safe social distance everywhere. All malls, markets, libraries and other buildings need a smart visitor occupancy traffic control system at their entrance. Reamol automatic cccupancy people counter system that is dedicated to provide a more cost-effective and efficient way to abide by these safety regulations during the global pandemic.

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Benifitials from iFootall Analytics

Trip Trends

Get visitors trend from every bus station to every store’s area, reduce cost waste and earn higher deals

Conversion +

Compare and analysis passenger visiting changes during weekends, festival, holiday and campaigns, improve attractive marketing measures

Management +

KPI report and analysis will show deep problems in management and marketing, help improve the sales and conversion rate correctly