Footfall Analysis Reporter

Reamol unique iFootfall Analytics platform is web-based customer insight- footfall traffic analysis software which designed for stores and chains customers who need to analysis their customers and visitors footfall traffic and visiting trend. The footfall analysis reporter collects visitor footfall traffic data from all our video people counters in every store to the cloud server, then user can carry out deep analytics easily. With correct footfall traffic analysis for ordinary days and weekends, campaign and marketing period, even different shelves, areas, positions, managers will be easier to learn their customers priority and habits, then optimize their marketing solution and dispaly to increase their sales.

Footfall traffic customer insight market analysis
  • Rich footfall analysis charts
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly analysis
  • Entrance, floor, area, store, headquater multi-level analysis
  • Automatic data collection and analysis
  • Multi-language interface
  • Database auto-backup
  • Device status checking
  • others
Footfall analysis
footfall analysis data

Big Data Analysis

Each chains and big shopping mall may place hundreds of people counters. Reamol iFootfall analysis can easily manage 2,000pcs live Reamol video people counter, and analysis millions of people counting records. With a responsive interface and reports to showcase analysis, retail users will be able to have better visibility on their store performance level. The footfall analysis software with access to over 50+ different reports that helps to answer specific business questions, data gets turned into meaningful analyses so you can make data driven decisions to improve your business.

Learn People Counter

Web Broswer System

Enterprise H5 broswer footfall analysis platform designed for customers who are managing a large number of counters. From big shopping mall, super market, park, square, chains, zoo, bus station, train station, air port, to small retail stores, resturant, hotels and shops, any type of business managers can easily manage their footfall in our cloud platform with low cost.

By collecting data from all people counters and store them in a centralised server, users can carry out deep analytics by remotely accessing FootfallCam Analytic Manager from anywhere.

Live Counter Monitoring

Footfall analysis platform allow users to check counters working status directly. Reamol people counter for iFootfall use Http protocols, so iFootfall analytics will judge its health by its data transmission.

We also offer people counter client software to help debug all people counter directly in the office or remotely if users find any device meet troubles. Not need spend time to touch the counter.

Platform Features

Visual Charts
Easy understanding reports without any extra learning cost

1000 Doors Counting
Manager over 1000pcs people counters for every entrance of your buildings

Live Occupancy
Limit occupancy for your malls and stores to prevent worries about COVID-19

Focus Coversion
All data analysis help improve your marketing and sales fast

Attract Customers
Improve shopping experience with few-cost adjustment on your sales

Staff Exclusion
Exclude the counting of staff from the visitor count for more reliable data.

Secured data transmission protocol to ensure privacy of users’ data.

Database Backup
Daily database backup in your cloud server automatically

Support fast translation to any language and customization