Shop 3D Footfall People Counter

Retail 3D people counter , also named as footfall counter, human counter, visitor counter, can be placed small entrance of shop, stores and other halls with high accuracy. The 3d video people counter adopt binocular head counting technology, can correctly distinguish body far from logguages, pet, cart and child. So the people counting accuracy keep over 98% high level. Reamol video people counter and footfall analysis platform can offer the customer insignts to help retail managers to measure KPIs such as footfall, queue speed and waiting times to help optimize operations, improve campaign and sales effect with lower cost.

X series video people counter cameras keep a cost-effective choice for small shops, stores, so they can save the cost with same performance. With our free iFootfall analytics platform, they can get same customer insights with lower cost

3D video people counter camera
  • Placed Height: 2.6m-3.2m
  • Accuracy: 95%-98%
  • Detected Width: 1.5m
  • Camera Angle: +/-5degrees
  • Communication: http
  • Data packet: every 1/3/5minutes
  • 12V/24V DC
  • RJ-45
  • Extend groupd counters for wide entrance
Video people counters footfall counter


  • Hislicon Dual cores DSP
  • High accuracy (average 98%+)
  • 270° bracket for any position
  • Cheap solutions for retails entrance
  • Binocular recognition for stores and shopping mall
  • CE, FCC certificated
  • Online health checking
  • Support iFootfall platfrom
  • 9-36V DC, 5A fuse
  • IP67 waterproof for outdoor placement

Visitor Counter Size

video people counter camera position


video people counter camera


Model: VPC-X
OS: Linux
Direction: IN/OUT Bi-direction people counting
Algorithm: 3D Binocular Visual Technology
CPU: Dual Core CPU, ARMV7, 700Mhz
Lens: 2.8mm default 3.0meter, 4.0mm for higher entrance
Resolution: 704*576
Illumination: 0.001Lux
Frame Rate: 12fps
Detection Range: Height: 2.8-3.4m, Width:2.0-2.5m
Children Filter: Tall <1.2m
Filter: Children, cart, bag, hat, pat, hair and glasses
Network: 1pcs RJ-45
Power: 9-36V DC
Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃
Size/Weight: 195*55*60mm/0.45Kg
IO Input reserved
RS485 reserved
ACC reserved
Video Output 1CH Round 4PIN aviation connector for monitor