BRT People Counting Solution

The unique solution for accurate BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) passenger counter with smart bus fleet traffic analysis platfrom to help bus directors focus on ticket and passengers

Small bus people counting


mini bus people counting sensor

Electric BRT

Trouble Shooting

Ticket fraud and fare corruption is the top priority on any bus fleet. Bus companies have to pay lots of cost and worker to monitor drivers and conductors. Meanwhile, gasoline waste on empty running everyday, and less and less passengers choose bus travel. Deficit government rarely arrange subside timely for rasing staff cost.

Lower Income

COVID-19 break down most of passengers travel demands. And government require occupancy control for social distancing, but ticket price keep same. Some drivers also hide part of ticket income but bus company can not find out.

Higher Cost

Vehicle update, repairment, staff salery, tax and traffic jam make each route cost is more and more expensive than before.

Technique Difficulties

BRT wide doors people counting
Many Doors

Most of buses only have 2doors, but BRT often has 3-6 doors. Normal people counter system can not support so many people counting sensors and door sensors for one bus.

4doors bus people counting
Wide Door

BRT doors keep wide for better pass when passengers get on or get off the bus. Normal bus only keep 0.8-1.2m. But some BRT doors width up to 1.5-1.8m. But all other people counters can not detect so wide.

Why must choose us?

Reamol people counters is specialized on bus passenger counting over 7 years. And our advanced passenger counters can work most of buses in the world with high accuracy, even in the complexed mini bus or passenger vans.

With wireless network, all people counting results will upload to server automatically and support upload-resume if network is not stable. Managers can learn realtime passenger numbers and daily numbers and changing trend anywhere and anytime.

  • > 98% accuracy in BRT

  • Max 6 Doors people counting for BRT

  • Door sensors to stop repeat counting passengers under camera

  • Customize counting area to stop wrong counting

  • IP67 Waterproof & industrial EMC quality

  • In and Out people counting

  • Local occupancy display and alarm

  • Live passenger traffic monitoring
  • Online smart traffic reports
  • Smart line, station traffic trend analysis
  • Data Resume Uploading with 30days local backup

Smart Bus Info System

Focus onto the real important point

Reamol bus people counting system solution help you focus on passengers and ticket. The passenger counter system automatically count passenger numbers and ignore childrens, it allows managers to compare ticket income everyday and every bus. Also it can help to optimize each line routing trend, so bus company can smartly dispatching all your fleet with lower cost and more ticket income.

IPAS Platform