Exhibitions People Counting

People counting is important to learn exhibition footfall traffic. Managers usually monitor visitor count by sale amound and bills. However, coversion rate is never 100%, so lots of possential customers and deal chances are ignored by wrong people counting way. 3D people counting cameras is the most popular automatic people counter for exhibitions. It will help to learn customer insights and interest much easier. Events and exhibitions are important companies to make lasting impressions to present their products and services. With Reamol video people counting system installed throughout the exhibition hall, exhibitioin managers can understand if the trade fair activities and efforts have made a positive result.

  • 98% People Counting Accuracy

  • Area Live Occupant Management and Alert

  • Auto Compare with Weekend and Working Day Traffic

  • Visual chart and reports

Position Popularity Detection

Most of booths only collect name cards, but rarely care the visitor traffic. For many customer level shows, the visitor attraction will be important to evaluation exhibition investment. The showing style and interactive experience to normal visitors will be the potention customers and fame-broadcaster.

Reamol exhibition people counting system will help analysis footfall to improve visitor trial chances with new display mode and better promptions.

exhibition people counting

Area Traffic Analysis

Hot Area People Counting
Rich Traffic Report

Reamol people counter can collect correct footfall data every minutes upto the iFootfall platform. Every position, entrance, hall in and out traffic trend will be shown by visual charts instantly.

Exhibition managers can easily learn hot entrance and hot halls. When managers adjust the entrance passing directions and popular supporting facility of each hall, they will drive visitors into cold halls from hot halls. Finnally all exhibition attender companies can get enough attentions from visitors. And exhibition orgnazitions can keep higher price on the booth.

Monitor the total number of visitors within the venue in real time and receive an alert when the venue is overcrowded. WIth real time people counting that achieves 98% accuracy level, managers will be able to identify visitors in each defined zone to understand people counting traffic count.

Users can put any tablet PC or TV ahead of entrances with smart terminals which can visit the webpage via internet. Then all customers can learn the live occupancy easily. It should be much easier to reduce customers risk of COVID-19.

people counting
Advertisement Evaluation

Help advertisement commercial sponsor to learn their AD effect and improve their design. With specific footfall traffic data, sponsors can clear to understand why this position is valuable and the others are cost-effective. Reamol T3 video people counter support to counting the front pass-by passengers numbers. Meanwhile iFootfall analytics can show AD payee the specific data with rich charts and reports. This will save lots of cost to their financial departments.

Enterprise People Counting Suite
Bus Passenger Counter BPC-N1
People Counter


Our people counter is engineered with accuracy, reliability and efficiency prioritised for your actual demands in all business activities.
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Footfall Analysis Platform

Software Suite

Our footfall analysis server software is a ready-made online cloud platform for chains, shopping malls, super markets and others smart buildings.
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Why Should Choose Us?

Reamol people counting solutions has well run in extream high standard and complicated bus environment over 5 years. Our counting cameras and suitable cloud platform software can meet all of your demands to analysis your footfall and sales. Stop wasting effors and cost with our matural products.

  • Easy placement to other entrance position

  • Cost-effective hardware than other brands

  • Free analytics software for cloud platform or local PC

  • Multi-lingual and customization for your projects