mall customer counter
Malls Customer Counter Solution

Reamol video customer counter is a critical device for shopping malls. Our 3D video footfall counters can meet demands of footfall counting and management for shopping malls of various sizes. By rich data reports from iFootfall Analytic platform, shopping mall operators can use retail traffic and visitor traffic data to evaluate their performance, adjust their layout for motion line, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and substantiate the value of retail spaces.

  • Making footfall flow running for every store
  • Accuracy >98%
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Footfall Reports
Video Customer Counter

By installing Reamol video customer counter at all entrances of a shopping mall, users will be able to learn the total visitors number arrived the mall. Utilise people counting to determine the transportation mix shoppers utilise to enter the mall. With time stamped analytics, visualise the peak hours of your shopping mall and run marketing campaigns when during this time to engage the most shoppers.

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video customer counter
Washroom Management

By measuring the usage of facilities in the shopping mall, management can create staff schedules that accurately reflect the condition of the restroom with busier areas receiving more attention. By reducing the workload staff spends on areas they are not needed, management can make cost savings decision and reduce the burden of the management in manually creating the schedules.

Washroom Management – Integrates with a mobile application to automatically alert shopping mall management when the usage of a facility has reached at a predefined threshold.

How Mall Operators Use Data?

Visitor Trend Analysis

People counters placed at the entrances to collect passed footfall traffic, shopping mall managers can understand the visitor traffic for better insights in how well the mall is performing, meanwhile understand the visitor trend over different days of last 4weeks and months.

Motion Path Analysis

With effective counting data at each floor and entrance, ifootfall analytics software will visualise the traffic flow of visitors to determine which pathways are often used to plan placements of advertisement displays how shoppers are to determine the effectiveness of those displays and signages.

Planning Staff Allocations

Reamol washroom occupancy function enables customers and shopper enjoy better experice when they feel urgent to washroom. In many cities, Women toliet always full in busy time in shopping malls. This feature will save lots of customer time in queque , and make them focus on shopping

System Features
Live Traffic

Count the number of people entering and exiting your shopping malls in real time with 98% accuracy, then compare weekend traffic with weekdays or of previous time.

Measure Exposure

Understand how your shoppers enter the mall and which entrances gain the most usage, so you can set up advertisements along these entrances to gain the most exposure.

Peak Hours

Discover your power hours in which your mall generates the most traffic and manage marketing campaigns during these time accordingly.

Enhance Campaigns

Arrange marketing campaigns during peak hours for maximum exposure in the event, and to captivate the audience. Compare the target and result to evaluate marketing effectiviness

Area Counting

Understand the distribution of visitors throughout the mall to understand how the space is utilise and to provide evidence for management to adjust rental rates of tenants throughout popular areas.

Validate Tenant Rents

With footfall zone analytics, users can optimise the estate value of key spaces with insights into the number of visitors in each zone weekly and daily ,and adjust for tenant rental rates accordingly.