WIFI Occupancy Counter

Easy placement occupancy management system for stores with latest wifi people counter

Reamol latest video people counter provide the low cost occupancy traffic controller system solution for stores, resturants, library and parks. The occupancy counter can connect wifi router directly with little engineering. Users can place people counters fastly at each entrance without extra cost on complexed fire-protection electric installation engineering.

Reamol wifi occupancy counter is quad-core 1.2Ghz M2M CPU solution, it can offer >98% accuracy when it is placed from 2.3m to 4m height.

Sure. Our wifi people counter just need to make simple configuration, then max 255pcs people counters can work together. In tourist street or parks or scenic spots, the people counting system can display today total visitors and occupancy numbers  in wireless LED or TV ahead every entrance. So no matter visitor enter any entrance, they will learn occupancy level and vacancy seats easily, even each entrance are very far.

Reamol occupancy counter system can use WIFI  or RJ45 network . With WIFI, users just need a tablet pc or WIFI display terminals to visit the entrance counter IP. Then it will show the realtime occupancy and vacancy traffic to visitors directly. Users can direclty use current wifi device and not need to  pay extra new devices. The display also can be customized.

Safe BUSINESS away from COVID-19

COVID series virus keeps changing and damaging, people must learn how to do business under such risk for long time

Control Occupancy

The most effective measure for retails and tourist social distancing is to control occupancy level. Full of customers or visitor surely bring heavy venture for serious virus transmission.

Reduce Touch

Each passenger should keep contactless communication or travel. Stores and tourist owners should offer more hand-free services and an disinfect devices.


Must ensure all employees and visitors to wear mask. All windows should keep open with flowing new air. Each seat must keep enough distancing.

Offline Occupancy Solution

All cable-less occupancy counter solution make your free placement anywhere and with plug-play experience

Offline Occupancy Counter System -Local

Groups Occupancy Counter Solution

reamol wireless people counter can be connected with different groups to show different spaces occupancy, like shopping malls, business street, square, park, zoo, airport and stations. These spaces footfall traffic can be upload to iFootfall platform to analysis automatically to optimize sales and service.

Zoo occupancy and footfall analysis solution

Cloud Footfall Analysis

All reamoll wifi video people counters can send footfall data and occupancy data to our iFootfall analysis platform. Managers can directly view and check their stores and branches footfall traffic and visit trend.