Social Distancing People Counting

In order to prevent the rapid and large-scale spread of the COVID-19, most of governments force a safe social distancing everywhere. All malls, markets, libraries and other buildings need a smart social distancing people counter system at their entrance to control the visitor traffic. The best way to control social distancing is to control live occupancy number of visitors. Reamol Live Occupancy Counter System that is dedicated to provide a more cost-effective and efficient way to abide by these safety regulations during the global pandemic.

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Easy Social Distancing

Reamol advanced T3 video people counter accurately counts how many customers are enter in and out of the whole building now, display real-time onboard data and busy level. Any tablet pc can alert customers to wait until more exit reduce the occupancy level to be safe social distancing . We can also support Green/Red alarm lighiting to alert visitors. This efficient occupancy control for essential businesses such as supermarkets, malls, parks, zoos, library,banks and hospitals.

  • Green Level: 10 people< Occupancy

  • Yellow Level: 0<Occupancy <10

  • Red Level: 0=Occupancy

Live occupancy counter solution
Offline Occupancy Solution

Reamol people counters can display occupancy and vacancy number in TV or LED screen to visitors & customers. So everyone can clearly know how busy the store now. When vacancy <0, the counter will trigger alarm lighting with sound, and show alert interface to stop more entry. This prompt is friendly and timely.

The local occupancy control can support over 200pcs people counters work togather by LAN network. Especially for super market, stores, shops,resturant and malls with very low cost.

Except live occupancy management, users also can enjoy powerful data analysis for footfall, pos, parking with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trends. This will help operators to find better marketing strategy and optimize management.

Live occupancy counter solution
Plan Journey with Safe Visits

The cloud platform-iFootfall allows a open web data distribute live occupancy counter data to the public, so visitors or customers can check the occupancy level in your website or app, before leaving their home or office. Customers will enjoy a comfortable journey and reduce jam and unhappy experience easily. The new service will help managers to control  social distancing easily than other limit with lower cost.

The new habit will bring better loyalty to your brands and attract them to pay several times attention to your promption activities in your website and app. It is very helpful for your future marketing.
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Easy Customization


Users can directly customize the display effect of the live occupancy webpage, from font size, color, backgroud, alert words and icons

API Open

iFootfall can share the data to any other platform with API, users can put the data into their applications easily

footfall traffic analysis


iFootfall support all languages translation, so each chains or mall manager can freely choose display words by other language

Main Features
  • Live counting occupancy traffic for all types of buildings
  • Support all outdoor park, zoo, hotel and swimming stations
  • Easy to palce counter at each entrance to make faster in/out
  • Display occupancy level alarm at entrance to control visitor traffic
  • Alert staff to limit entry traffic by different level of capacity
  • Share online occupancy info in your website
  • Fast and easy camera implementation
  • Cloud occupancy monitoring and analysis solution
  • Rich reports for footfall traffic and trends
  • Customized alert effects
How it Works?
  1. Install Reamol T3 video people counter at every entrance of your stores or buildings.
  2. Define the specific occupancy limit imposed by the authority on iFootfall Analytics-Store users.
  3. Set up a TV or Tablet PC at the entrance to display the real-time dashboard for occupancy data.
  4. Display of colour Indication to highlight the occupancy level of your premises: Green/Yellow/Red.
  5. Trigger instant alerts to security for their immediate attention if the threshold is breached for occupancy control.