Retail store traffic analysis system

Store Traffic People Counting Solution

Store traffic is very essential for most established retail stores, especially retail chains. Managers usually monitor visitor count by sale amound and bills. However, coversion rate is never 100%, so lots of possential customers and deal chances are ignored by wrong footfall traffic counting way. All retail managers want to learn how customers visiting trend and how to lead this traffic for better sales.

3D people counting cameras is the most popular automatic store traffic counting for retail chains. The smart store traffic analysis system will help to learn customer insights and interest much easier. Reamol provide the top accuracy video people counter and free charge retail tarffic analysis platform software to help retails operators to win the footfall easily. By taking advantage of iFootfall analytics software, retailers can improve their sales revenue and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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Chains Business Monitoring

Retail chains need to monitor every joint stores traffic, sales, conversion and avg value. With reliable data, chains managers are able to learn how each branch store operation and changing. With video people counter placed with entrance of each store, chains can rapidly built a powerful local store traffic monitoring system to study the chaning trend for every store and whole brand.  Each store directors also can learn their own sales level and adjust their campaign insignts according their local customers prioritiy.

store traffic

Accurate Store Traffic Counter

By installing Reamol video people counter at entrance in every store in the world, chain users can easily learn the total visitors count arrived each store. Utilise door counting to determine marketing, layout, sales and service measures. With time stamped store taffic analytics, visualise the peak hours of your stores and generate better marketing campaigns.

  • 98% Accuracy People Counting

  • Easy placement for any entrance
  • Network Connection sams as IP camera

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Store Traffic Analysis Platform
Visits Traffic

All retail stores keep high rate passengers pass their stores but not visit them. The entry rate trend and level compared with other stores will help managers to find out better layout and AD insignts.


Retail chains managers can analysis the conversion rate changing trend during last day, last week, last month, last 3months, last year. The traffic will help to learn where should be improved.


Average value of transactions level is important. Actually this value always changing with footfall, campaign, and price. Fcous to AVT help improve our profits quickly.

Solution Features
Start New Stores

With footfall analysis pass your interest street or store, chains managers can easily to confirm the possible customer mass, sales amount, conversion rate, reasonable rentage price, turnover time, employee numbers and others

Improve Sales Conversion

Create a sales target, monitor the progress, and review the results. From the sales target workspace module, you will be able to analyse the unique profiling of each store and make customised responses, to improve your sales revenue.

Understand the Visitor Traffic

Evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail chains by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industry average. Utilise the five metrics to identify underperforming stores and use this as a base point to improve your business.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the overall visitor count and other business metrics in three different time periods; before, during, and after promotional campaigns, to gauge the return on investment.

People Exclusion

iFootfall allow store users to decrease the number of staff and other non-customer in and out of stores directly. It will reduce all possible counting mistakes by un-expected reason.

Set Correct Sales Target

With visual insight into the opportunities of each store, you will be able to categorise your stores based on performance level and derive an actionable plan to improve sales.