The below guidelines only suite for Reamol BPC series Bus People Counter, including BPC-V1/V2/X2/N1/T3. Reamol malls people counter and other special models not suitable for this guide.

1. Make people counter camera height keep 185-230cm.

There are lots of special cases and different tall people, like jump bus turnstile, high hat, special hair and strange packet. These objects may enter into camera blind area, then create lots of wrong counts, or no count. Bus people counter sensor over 185cm is safe to cover almost cases with short model counting type. The blind distance of people counter is changing with different people counting type, from 15-30cm.

People Counter People Counting sensor

2. Choose the best people counter position.

There are lots of types of buses with all kinds of steps. Bus people counting height and position in the bus also depends on camera position. So the camera position is very important.

  • Best People Counter Image.

The internal of bus part should occupy 3/4. External road part should be 1/4.

  • People Counting line position.

People counting lines should keep parallel towards to board of steps. But it should avoid to coincide to the board of steps.

People counting lines are best to placed in the middle of image. The accuracy is best.

  • Strange Steps

If steps gap is very high, usually 20cm-30cm. It may reduce accuracy when passenger pass two steps. Therefore, we suggest put counting lines on the same step to prevent such error.

People counting areas should ensure all passengers will pass counting lines. Special bus with twisted steps, so the counting will be very special, need to confirm camera position with us first.

3rd. Choose People Counting Type

Different people counter positions will decide different counter type we can offer Short/Shot-wide/Typical/Market4types of people counting type.

  • Short: people counter height is 180-200cm, width is 70-100cm
  • Short wide: people counter height is 185-200cm, width is 80-120cm
  • Typical:People counter height is 195-230cm, width is 80-120cm
  • Market: ignore it for buses. It is for height 2.3-2.6, width is 150cm max.

After change people counter type, must reboot the people counter one time.

4. Use default people counting area parameters.

Our default people counting line position and left and right filter is the best value. Unless you have understand binocular visual technology, please use default setup. The system counting area is on basis of head, not foot. So if you want to filter other area, you must stand at two sides of the step or door, and look their head position. Their head positions must be wider than their foot position.

5. Save Counting Sensor Image

The bus video people counter must be calibrated with a click (save image). When finish camera installation, must save image first. When save image, door must keep open, and no people stand under camera.

When camera position is moved, users must save image again.