Advantages & Disadvantages of TOF Technology

Advantages & Disadvantages of TOF (Time of Flight )Technology 1. TOF (Time of Flight) principle: When a laser emitter emits light pulses, the light will reflect when it meets an object. [...]

AI Dash Camera Kits Specifications

Reamol latest ai dash camera kits catalgoue. The smart car dash cameras can offer adas, driver status monitoring system, 3pcs 720P resolution car cctv video recording for accident road-monitoring, driver monitoring, passenger [...]

What is AEB in ADAS

What is AEB? How does the car stop when the driver doesn't notice the pedestrians in front and doesn't take braking measures? The moment of Revelation With the continuous development of [...]

Adas System market scale near 6 billion yuan

Adas System promotes market scale of nearly 6 billion yuan Adas camera technology provides power for the growth of car camera market scale As the main window for smart cars to [...]

How ADAS and DMS Work for Commercial Vehicles

How ADAS and DMS Work for Commercial Vehicles ADAS and DMS are getting more and more important for commerical vehicles now. Commercial vehicles have always been a low-key and small market [...]

What is Driverless Technology Level?

What is Car Driverless System? How to rank them? The American Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) divides driverless technology into five levels Level 0: the driver has 100% control, and the [...]