Footfall Counter Guidebook

Reamol Footfall Counter Guidebook Reamol Footfall Counter will help users to learn how to own the smart footfall traffic data analysis system easily to learn their store customer insignt. With the [...]

How Bus People Counter To Get High Accuracy

The below guidelines only suite for Reamol BPC series Bus People Counter, including BPC-V1/V2/X2/N1/T3. Reamol malls people counter and other special models not suitable for this guide. 1. Make people counter [...]

Important Footfall Traffic for shopping mall

Footfall Traffic Analysis in Shopping Mall by iFootfall Analytics Analyzing the data basis that the footfall traffic of shopping malls can bring smart business decision-making to help managers / businesses to [...]

How Footfall Analysis Benefit Retails

People counting data with footfall and sales analysis, can help the store to make the right decision to improve the store's stocks, transaction rate, average customer price. How to improve the [...]