BPC-R Series passenger counter for bus and coach is a Linux embedded device based on binocular stereo vision technology. It adopts ARM & DSP dual-core high speed processor and H.264 video code. There are inside 3G/4G and GPS module.

New device have both mobile dvr and video people counter advantages togather in one system by one software. It supports video footage for security  video surveillance, also support accurate people counting with binocular cameras. The whole cost reduce much than old solution but bring more powerful functions to help bus operators manage their fleets and passenger flow in a easy and powerful way.

Learn People Counting MDVR
Big Improvements
Better Counting Performance
1.2GHz ARM-9 CPU with higher accuracy during
rush hours and 1G SLC Nandflash Memory.
Wireless Video Surveillance
Support 1-3pcs security cameras monitoring with 1/2 doors passenger counting via 3G/4G/WIFI
Smart Management Platform
New CMS system manage video, GPS location,
driving behavior and passenger counting data
More Better Features

A. Local Memory Records Storage:

The old one can save 10,000PCS for 1month. Now you can save 6months or more without SD card.

B. Video Recording:

Old bus people counters have no enough resource to save videos for its lower chips solution. New bus passenger counter dvr can offer D1 resolution recording for 2pcs counting sensor cameras and extra 2 pcs security 800TVL CMOS cameras. You can save videos into SD cards and SSD over weeks in the video counting mobile dvr.

C. Online video surveillance

Now you can watch every frame in your office or ipad, to check whether counting accurate or not. You can also monitor the whole bus, if you use our fisheye cameras or other big angel lens cameras with our new passenger counting dvr. We recommand our fisheye analogue cameras for bus, 2pcs can cover whole bus environment everywhere.

D. Online GPS Tracking and Bus Station Recognization

Our ICMS can regonizate bus stops by automatic people counter gps location. It will help you to track where your any bus is now, whether they stay the correct route and normal speed. With our new footfall counting dvr, you can enjoy free license on the system.

E. Bluetooth WIFI and APP setup.

Forget IR remote control and Ethernet cables to setup mobile dvr like others. Now you can use mobile phone to configure them anytime. It is very easy to finish system check and correction.

F. Broswer Base Video Platform and IPAS 2.0 System for data Analaysis

Broswer base system allow users to visit by iphone or ipad or pc or notebook. Anywhere and any device with internet can visit it. No installation again, easy upgrade for every users and control access.

New Passenger Flow Report

Function Index
Audio & Video
Video standard
Electrical: 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω-3, NTSC/PAL Optional
AV Input
4 CH
AV Output
2 CH
Image Pixel
120fps 1080P @ NTSC / 100fps 1080P @ PAL
Frame Rate
120fps 1080P @ NTSC / 100fps 1080P @ PAL
Video Compression
H.264, VBR/ CBR
Audio Compression
1080 ( 1920*1080); 720P ( 1280*720) ; D1(704*576); HD1(704*288); CIF(352*288)
Bit rate
OBD System
Control Mode
IR remote control, Bluetooth(optional), Front panel buttons, Network, APP
Search Mode
Time, Channel
SD Card
2*SD2.0 Interface (2*128G Max)
1*SSD mSATA Interface(512G Max)
Flash Memory
1Gb SLC Nandflash
External Modules
Frequency: L1: 1575.42MHz, Sensitivity:-165dBm , 3.0m
Support  802.11 b/g/n(2.4GHz); Support 802.11 ac(5GHz)
2*USB2.0 HOST Interface
1 standard SIM/UIM card slot
Support 10M/100M/1000M
Serial Interface
2 x RS485,2 x RS232
Driving Information Collecting
Monitoring the the status like speed, ignition, braking, back-off, turn-left, turn-right, head light, low light, door opening, etc.
Self-defined I/O
8CH input, 2CH output
Power Input
DC8V ~ 36V
Power Output
Power Consumption
< 9W (No peripheral)
Operation Temperature
-30℃ ~ +70℃
Operation Humidity
10% ~ 95%
Dim(L x W x H)
138 x 171 x 66mm
Net Weight

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