How to analysis footfall traffic correctly?

With the rapid development of economy and the emergence of new retail, the analysis of customers footfall traffic data is becoming more and more important for businesses. It is not only online or offline, but also based on data to improve sales volume and make a good plan for development. The people counting data concerned by the person in charge of the operation of a store will include:

1.How many customers visit the store every day? When will the footfall traffic come?
Through the analysis of footfall traffic,  we need to learn daily footfall traffic of the store, the peak and low periods of footfall traffic. First, to grasp the golden conversion time and combine with promotional activities to improve the unit price and transaction rate of the store; second, in the personnel management level, it can effectively carry out shift management, and at the same time, it can use the middle space time to supplement goods during the trough period and before the peak period; third, it can effectively use resources and minimize the operation cost of the store during the low footfall traffic period.

2. Who are my customers? What goods do they like?
A store in good operating condition is not only to attract new customers, but also needs accurate user portraits to understand “who are my customers”, so as to attract a steady stream of repeat customers. The proportion of male and female customers, age distribution and purchasing power have an important impact on the decoration style, commodity selection and marketing strategy of the store. If we grasp a customer’s shopping preferences, shopping habits and shopping frequency, we can provide personalized services in time; if we grasp a group of people’s shopping preferences and shopping habits, we can be targeted in marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

3.How long does the footfall traffic stay? Where are you staying? What is the trajectory of action?

By analyzing the hot area distribution map of footfall traffic, stores can know which shelf areas customers are concentrated in and which shelf areas they stay for a long time. Therefore, as long as combined with sales data and payment data, we can deeply analyze the reasons for the best-selling / unsalable of different items, brands and categories, so as to guide the selection and display of stores. In addition, according to the hot area distribution map of footfall traffic, the stores can clearly see the main routes of customers, so as to carry out orderly route planning and personnel allocation, which is not only conducive to improving the consumption times and consumption amount of customers, but also saving the labor cost.

4. What is the effect of marketing activities?
The consumption of users needs targeted marketing strategies to guide and cultivate, and the use of footfall traffic statistical analysis to plan marketing activities will play a role of four or two.

Firstly, the people counting data and hot area distribution map can intuitively show the footfall traffic trend of the activity area;

Secondly, by comparing and analyzing the people counting data and sales data before and after the activity, we can calculate the promotion brought by the activity.

For example, the daily footfall traffic is 300, the purchase conversion rate is 40%, and the unit price is 30. One day, we hold an activity, the footfall traffic rises to 600, the purchase conversion rate rises to 50%, and the customer price rises to 40. Then we can calculate the improvement brought by the activity in turn. We can also find out which activities can improve the footfall traffic, which activities can improve the purchase conversion rate, and which activities can increase the unit price of customers.

Through the analysis of people counting data changes to develop precision marketing programs for different sales, so that customers can enjoy more humane value-added services; at the same time, effective analysis of the impact of various management strategies on sales, improve sales and better eliminate inventory. For data acquisition and analysis, it doesn’t have to be owned by Internet companies,

The same type of offline retail stores only need to learn to make good use of the data around them, such as the statistics made by the footfall traffic statistics system, or access control, POS machine, surveillance video and so on. The use of data statistical analysis to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs is considered a successful use of data, in fact, the data has always been around.

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