Important Transit Bus Strategy

With the rapid development of China’s urbanization and the rapid rise of car ownership, China has promoted the development of transit bus city, and the promote the public bus transit travel to the national strategic level. The State Council, the Ministry of transport and other competent units and departments have repeatedly stressed the intelligence and informatization of public transport in various guidance documents, and proposed the construction of demonstration projects for the application of urban public transport intelligence. The construction of demonstration smart bus information system projects focuses on deepening the implementation of the strategy of giving priority to the development of city bus transit. At present, the construction of domestic demonstration pilot smart bus ifnormation system projects is being continuously promoted, and the construction of pilot projects is constantly improving.
What is Smart Bus Information System
Smart Bus Information System means that by installing GPS host and security camera on the bus, the on-board dispatching system collects vehicle GPS data, driving video, passenger counter (Get on number, get off number, onboard number, occupancy level, possible passengers for each station)inside the vehicle, and transmits it to the cloud center smart bus dispatching center through the mobile4G/5G Internet.
Smart bus information system should include the following three aspects: in terms of operation, managers can accurately locate the location of each bus (GPS), understand the status of vehicles in operation(Next bus and arriving time) and whether there are full(occupancy level); collect and process information through intelligent means, understand the past and future of each line, scientifically allocate the number of buses or increase or decrease stations; bus passengers can know the arrival of vehicles in real time. In order to reasonably select the means of travel tool and reduce the waste waiting time.
Generally speaking, the location of the bus, the condition of the bus, the condition of the route and the scientific degree of the route will help real smart dispatching for bus transit to reduce invalid transit and improve efficency.

Status on Construction of Smart Bus Information System

At present, the main construction contents of smart bus information system in China basically include smart bus terminal, intelligent dispatching system, travel service system, stations construction and big data analysis system. In addition, some cities have carried out the transformation of electronic payment system, station management system, big data analysis system and vehicle electronic management according to their own characteristics, and some cities, such as Beijing and Zhengzhou, have compiled them simultaneously its own local guidelines and standards, and so on, the pilot construction of intelligent application of public transport is gradually improved.

The application of high-tech such as mobile Internet and big data to public transportation also makes the broad masses of people feel the convenience brought by intelligent public transportation.With the gradual promotion of the national “newnational infrastructure” policy, information technology and related high-tech have been developed and applied to the management of transportation system, providing advanced technical means for the implementation of “public transport priority” policy. The essential demand of intelligent bus information system is to make the public travel more convenient, and improve the bus efficiency from the smart bus dispatching management system, electronic station board system, vehicle terminal system, CCTV system, passenger information system, GPS tracking system , ADAS and DMS system, and other release system, vehicle technology information management system, etc.

Next Generation Bus Information System

1. Intelligent Bus and transport Information

Based on the new generation of information technology, transportation infrastructure data collection, data high-speed interconnection and access, public transport information resources open sharing and big data basic analysis platform, industry cloud platform, Internet of things construction and interconnection, high-precision three-dimensional transportation GIS construction, industry network and information security, monitoring, early warning and emergency response

2. Smart Bus Dispatching & Management

New generation traffic control network operation organization and evaluation, comprehensive traffic dynamic monitoring and early warning based on big data, road traffic conflict early warning and active collision avoidance based on vehicle road cooperation, precise positioning and traffic organization of vehicles based on Beidou satellite navigation technology, traffic infrastructure detection based on high-resolution earth observation data, real-time monitoring and emergency response of transport vehicles and goods Support for decision support, mobile payment for all-in-one transportation card, smart transportation based on cloud computing and big data, etc.

3. Smart Road Transportation information

Government enterprise cooperation comprehensive transportation travel information service based on cloud computing and mobile Internet, operation monitoring and service supervision of freight transport industry based on Internet, collection and processing and prediction analysis of logistics big data, comprehensive transportation information service of freight logistics based on mobile Internet, key technologies of convenient transportation E-port, intelligent and interoperation of vehicles in mobile Internet environment, freely fee-charging of road network, etc.
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